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A Greener BioImmersion Inc.

Dear Friends,

Can you name this Beautiful Creature?

As the holidays approach and we are about to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday, we would like to thank you, our dear friends, for your dedication and courage in healing, supporting and giving of yourselves to so many people. We thought of you when we designed the Therapeutic Foods, and embraced our overarching theme of Working Together. We all need to come together, recognize our oneness as a world community, correct our ecological practices, and bring about social changes that will create social equity, sustainable economies and environmental quality for all the world’s people.

High-minded goals, of course! Our world, our biosphere, our survival as a species depends on our cooperation at this time, and participating in whatever ways we can—each of us doing our individual part. It begins by focusing on issues in our immediate environment, in our homes, our communities, and cities.

Dohrea and I are slowly adopting habits and practices of a truly green family and company. Slowly, because change is a difficult process. In this great journey, our ordering process is the next step for us to make even greener, and hopefully save energy and resources.

Greener Warehouse and Support Team

We are very excited about our new warehousing facility in Southern California, and its greater ability to get product quickly and efficiently to you. In December we are training and bringing aboard our support team to handle your ordering needs. This will free-up my time to pursue my passion as an educator to teach and bring us together on some of the ecological issues of our day, as I have outlined in our weekly newsletter since Sept. of 2008. My research and educational work in the development of the De-Evolution and the Ecology of the Microbiome has been an important part of my path, and a pleasure to share with all of you. I am planning to start teaching the series and continue the research. What is your New Year resolution?


We have always been the kind of business that considers everyone as a member of the family. Serving you with care and kindness is an imperative with us. We know the hard work you perform every day. The New Year collaborative theme is the additional teamwork we are asking of everyone: Please utilize more the shopping cart! We have built a better and more efficient shopping cart, with a secure ordering process. It is truly exciting! This month you will see great improvements in the whole shopping cart experience. Feel free to call for any help you need, it is always a pleasure hearing from you, and yet, do learn to navigate the shopping cart—as a part of the collective effort to build greener habits. I know! I know! It is difficult to change! I am still learning to check my inbox three times a day… But, our concept of resource conservation helps us to invest more in the product line rather than the infrastructure of the company.

The Greener Ordering Process

Ordering is very easy! For those of you who have not learned the joy of ordering online, lets review the process. It is fun once you learn it.

1. Click on the Ordering Tab on the Bioimmersion Home Page.

2. Click on Log in. Put in your email and password. Click on Sign In.

3. It should say Welcome Back (your name)! You’re in.

4. Click on Products. You will get an alphabetical listing of all the products with their wholesale price.

5. As you add product to your shopping cart an afficient stategy is to fill the cart with the product you want, then go through and change to the qualities you would like of each, and then hit the Update Tab.

6. In checking out when you get to the Shipping Page notice that you have a tab that says Change Address. If you want to have us ship to some location other than your normal ship-to-address, then change the address. The program will save it in the Address Book for future shipments to this customer.

We never include an invoice with our product shipments that come to you, or to your customer. An email will be sent to you immediately upon the completion of your order, which is your invoice. Also they are stored within the My Account Tab of your shopping cart. Just click on My Account and you will see all of your orders, invoices and tracking numbers.

Thanks everyone and Happy Holidays.

Sincerely yours,

Seann Bardell

Clinical Note:

The supportive power of the Blueberry for the brain as demonstrated in this email I received two weeks ago.

Dear Biommersion,

Your Blueberry products, and I do not exaggerate, have been miraculous for me. I have done 3 years worth of Neuroscience Research, 2 of which have been in a laboratory devoted to learning and memory. The Principle Investigator of that laboratory took me aside and said that evidence towards improvement in memory is best for blueberry extract out of all the things on the market. I can attest personally that it has worked for me perfectly and that Biommersion’s brand is by far the best I have tried. I take medication that makes it hard to remember, but after I take my Biommersion freeze dried extract, I very quickly notice that I’m able to recall at normal, and better than normal capacity. I cannot rave about this product enough! I feel that anyone who is noticing cognitive impairment could benefit from Blueberry extract, particularly Bioimmersion’s freeze dried, and anyone who is looking for prevention and added health could speak to their Physician regarding use of the Wild Blueberry Daily. Please get the word out! Please start to advertise! I think you would do a tremendous service to everyone if you would let more people know about the fine qualities of your products and I can personally attest, that it has been a miracle for me.

Thank you very much.


A Loyal Customer from the NorthEast

The Last Quiz Answer: This magnificent prehistoric appearing creature is the Southern Ground-Hornbill. It ranges widely through east and south Africa, with this particular bird being filmed by the Planet Earth team in Tanzania. Fitting in well with our Thanksgiving theme, ground-hornbills are big eaters—mostly carnivorous. They eat insects, grasshoppers, beatles, scorpions and termites. During the dry season, they also eat insect larvae, snails, frogs and toads. Sometimes they eat snakes, lizards, rats, hares, squirrels and tortoises. They will also eat carrion.

Just received this email tonight as I was putting the final touches on my newsletter for tomorrow’s mailing to you. Here it is: Our Food, Our Right takes you on a journey through many of the current food systems’ failures and showcases creative solutions that communities are designing to regain control over their food and the health of their bodies and neighborhoods. Click on it. Check this out!!!

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