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Trace Minerals and Anxiety

I have been looking at how important supplementing our diet with enough minerals, and especially trace minerals. 

We have plenty of research that shows correlation between minerals and having a sustained energy, stamina and even a good mood.

I have chosen two articles that examine several important trace minerals such as zinc, copper, iron, and selenium and also calcium. The topic is anxiety and depression. 

I do want to remind us all that due to poor agricultural practices our soil lacks too many nutrients, including trace minerals. It is one of the reasons we looked for a good source of plant ultra minerals!

I have included the abstract of the article on several trace minerals and anxiety, and I think it is truly worth reading.

I know that you know, understand, and utilize minerals in your practice. Their importance in so many different functions in the body is so valuable to go over again and again. It is a good reminder.


Anxiety disorder is characterized by excessive fear or avoidance of perceived threats that can be persistent and debilitating. Diet is a modifiable risk factor that may contribute to the pathogenesis or treatment of anxiety, depending on diet quality. Although the biological mechanisms by which food, specific nutrients, and nutraceuticals impact mental health are not completely understood, implicated pathways include inflammation, oxidative stress, brain plasticity effects, mitochondrial dysfunction, and neurotransmitter metabolism. Essential dietary trace minerals such as zinc, copper, iron, and selenium are critical components for numerous biological proteins and may have a role in these proposed mechanisms related to brain health and anxiety. This narrative review examines the influence of essential trace elements zinc, copper, iron, and selenium on anxiety symptoms based on the latest peer-reviewed scientific evidence. Current research indicates that deficiencies in zinc, iron, and selenium are associated with anxiety, while copper overload may impact anxiety to a greater degree than copper deficiency. Further investigation is needed to understand the specific neurobiological mechanisms involved. Overall, the collective findings demonstrate the importance of optimizing trace mineral homeostasis for the mitigation of anxiety disorders and preservation of mental health. article


  • Totten, M. S., Davenport, T. S., Edwards, L. F., & Howell, J. M. (2023). Trace Minerals and Anxiety: A Review of Zinc, Copper, Iron, and Selenium. Dietetics2(1), 83-103. article
  • Shen, X., Gu, X., Liu, Y. Y., Yang, L., Zheng, M., & Jiang, L. (2023). Association between dietary calcium and depression among American adults: National health and nutrition examination survey. Frontiers in Nutrition, 10, 162. article

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    El Hosry, L., Sok, N., Richa, R., Al Mashtoub, L., Cayot, P., & Bou-Maroun, E. (2023). Sample Preparation and Analytical Techniques in the Determination of Trace Elements in Food: A Review. Foods, 12(4), 895.

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