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Preventing the common cold? Garlic!

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The common cold is one of the world’s most famous viral infection that gets us all down several times a year. Can garlic supplementation help to prevent or alleviate this misery?

In Medicinal Plants of the South, Saif et al. (2019) places garlic as the 20th most important vegetable in the world. Garlic contains pharmacological activities such as the antimicrobial, allicin, the component that goes after viruses, bacteria and fungus.

Kovarovič et al. (2019) also consider garlic as one of the most valuable plants in the world, because it contains substances with protective and healing effects for common colds, flus, and coughs. Instead of having the general malaise that keeps us down for 7-10 days, garlic can cut the time down by half (Lissiman et al., 2014).

Garlic has been used for centuries with research showing that it is the unique bioactive compounds with a host of antimicrobial genes that support the body’s ability to fight bacteria, viruses as well as fungus (Abbas et al., 2019).


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