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The Key to No 7 Systemic Booster's Success

What is the reason for No 7 Systemic Booster successful ability to rebuild health?

How do you create that 1 degree shift in your body to start the process of feeling good?

We have spoken about the magical inter-connection and communication between polyphenols (all the different concentrates of berries, fruits, greens, veggies) and probiotics - But why is this connection so important? 

The body must have nutrients that are readily available and easily digestible. And that is not easy to create in a supplement.

Each nutrient in fact has so many different functions that it can perform, but unless it is readily accessible, the body cannot do anything at al.

And as a whole organism, your body knows what will be the best pathway for each and all nutrients. 

All the body needs is the ability to actually utilize those nutrients! 

That is the exact reason we decided to us 10 foundational probiotics and their post biotic/ supernatant in the No 7 Systemic Booster. The probiotic mix ensures that the polyphenols are Bio-Available, Accessible, and Potent so the body can use these precious nutrients exactly where you need them! 

Enjoy this 2022 article by Ozdal & Kamiloglu that explains the need for a good microbiota (your community of probiotics and other organisms in the gut) in order for polyphenols to be used successfully. 


Polyphenols are plant secondary metabolites comprising of a large class of compounds, which can be broadly classified as flavonoids including flavonols, flavones, flavanones, flavanols, isoflavones, anthocyanins and non-flavonoids including phenolic acids, tannins, stilbenes, and lignans. Polyphenols have important health-promoting effects according to their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anticancer properties, among others. Importantly, the health-promoting effect of polyphenols greatly depend on their bioaccessibility and bioavailability in the digestive tract and circulatory system. Due to their consequences for bioavailability and human health, the interactions between dietary components, particularly phenolic compounds and gut microbiota, have gained significant attention. An overview of the reciprocal relationship between all subclasses of phenolic compounds and gut microbiota is presented in this chapter, as well as the importance of such interactions to bioavailability and human health. Abstract


No 7 Systemic Booster: The New Longevity



  • Ozdal, T., & Kamiloglu, S. (2022). Polyphenols, Bioavailability and Potency. Journal: Comprehensive Gut Microbiota, 3-19. Abstract


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We have developed our products based on scientific research and/or the practical experience of many healthcare practitioners. There is a growing body of literature on food based nutrition and supplements and their application in support of our health. Please use our products under the advisement of your doctor.


Green Facts:

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Key to longevity and anti-aging is the approach to calming inflammation, micro and macro inflammation, seen as the intrinsic biological aging clock (Luo et al., 2011). In 1913, Dr. Arnold Lorand seminal work, Health and Longevity through Rational Diet, explains the connection between inflammation and disease:

“The majority of the diseases with which mankind is afflicted usually creep in through the accumulated effects of successive slight irritation, by the operation of apparently insignificant factors which are just sufficient to take part in some chemical reaction.” (p. 115) 

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