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Minerals & Trace Minerals Deficiency: Diabetes and Insulin Resistance

Over a billion people are affected by lack of minerals and trace minerals.

We have been looking at minerals and trance minerals for energy production, anxiety and creating an elevated mood, neurodegenerative disease (probiotics & boron article), and better sex. 

Today we'll focus on a review that examines the consequences of mineral and trance-minerals deficiencies in diabetes and insulin resistance (Dubey et al., 2020) -  iodine, selenium, zinc, iron, calcium, boron, chromium, magnesium and cobalt. 

Dubey's research team focused their review on parts of Asia, Africa, and North American. Within the trials, case-controlled studies and observational and laboratory based studies, they looked for changes in the serum and urine of participants to figure out the trajectory toward metabolic changes. 

Some of the important keys from this article:

Boron modulates plasma insulin concentration and affects triglyceride levels, and is looked upon as a possible metabolic regulator in enzymatic systems. 

Elevated levels of calcium are thought of as a risk of diabetes. 

Iron significantly improved glucose metabolism in diabetic patient and is found to effect glucose metabolism. 

Zinc is shown to regulate more than a 100 enzymes for protein folding (a cellular function that is very important as proteins must present themselves - fold- into specific forms to function well), gene expression, and neutralization of ROS (reactive oxygen species). 

What I found most interesting is the conclusion that trace deficiencies can lead to oxidative stress and from there to insulin resistance and diabetes. And why?

We have discussed how oxidative stress leads to inflammation and from there to a host of chronic illnesses primarily from the lens and research on polyphenols. Here in this article, we examine how minerals and trace minerals affect the same systems in the body. 

Enjoy the article and take a look at our trace minerals and apple extract supplement (ENERGY).





  • Dubey, P., Thakur, V., & Chattopadhyay, M. (2020). Role of minerals and trace elements in diabetes and insulin resistance. Nutrients, 12(6), 1864. article

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Globe_Home 3And more about the role of minerals in fertility and sperm function: 

Mirnamniha, M., Faroughi, F., Tahmasbpour, E., Ebrahimi, P., & Beigi Harchegani, A. (2019). An overview on role of some trace elements in human reproductive health, sperm function and fertilization process. Reviews on environmental health, 34(4), 339-348.

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