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Gut-Liver Axis and Cirrhosis: Role of Probiotics

According to recent research, modulating the microbiome (community of microbes in the gut) with probiotics helps in "relieving cirrhosis" (Lee & Sulk, 2020). 

This is very good news.

Did you know that your liver and gut communicate with one another? They talk via "bidirectional links" through the biliary tract, portal vein, and systemic circulation. (Tripathi et al., 2018, ). 

These two groups of researchers point at such an elegant approach - Changing the nature of our gut's community of microorganisms so it is a positive environment for the liver to get healthy. 

How do probiotics, prebiotics (and antibiotics) effect the gut - liver axis? These are great questions that you will find answers to in Lee & Sulk's (2020) Article

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