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Gut / Brain Axis and Migraines: What Can We Do?

We have discussed often how the gut and brain have a bidirectional relationship. Both affect each other.

Which means it is a good idea to make sure our brain is working harmoniously with the rest of the body. 

Seann has been teaching about the stress response and how it affects our body, in particular, what happens to our gut and brain, and of course how stress will lower our energy levels and mess around with the overall feeling of well-being.

But migraines from a relationship between gut and brain that is not good? Now that sounds a bit complicated. 

It is difficult to handle a relationship with an organ that is not too happy, let alone facilitating a good relationship with two organs that are cranky. 

How do we facilitate a good relationship between our gut and brain and lower the chances of migraines and headaches?

This is the project Arzani et al. (2020) took upon themselves with a comprehensive review. 

Gut disorders can bring about migraines:  Helicobacter pylori infection, irritable bowel syndrome, and celiac disease. 

Several factors are at play here: inflammatory mediators, the microbiome, neuropeptides and serotonin, and of course stress and nutrition. 

What can we do? The research team suggests probiotic supplementation to lower pro-inflammatory cytokines, to help the bowels empty more often, and reduce number of migraine episodes. 

Adding supplements such as minerals, vitamin D, switching to a diet that has more fiber, and healthy fats such as Omega 3 (and low omega 6), and making sure to have healthy weight management - all are showing in research to reduce the frequency of migraines. 

Simply stated, eating more plants and less animal products is a good nutritional path. 

This Article is well researched and written. Enjoy! 

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  • Arzani, M., Jahromi, S. R., Ghorbani, Z., Vahabizad, F., Martelletti, P., Ghaemi, A., ... & School of Advanced Studies of the European Headache Federation (EHF-SAS). (2020). Gut-brain axis and migraine headache: a comprehensive review. The journal of headache and pain, 21, 1-12. Article


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