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Dear Friends

Can you idenitify this beautiful creature?

Can you identify this beautiful creature?

As you know, we have moved into the Eastern shores of our USA and have expanded our shopping cart to include more convenient features. Our first move in July encountered some technological challenges and did not allow us to utilize the shopping cart maximally, a fact that did not sit well with Seann and I. Although the warehouse team worked hard to please all of us, we wanted to find a solution that is wide enough to include all of our wishes.

Our own wonderful IT team has worked beautifully to create an advanced, open system shopping cart. We all know how important it is to have the ability to hop online and get what we need, whenever we need it, track it, and know at all times what is going on. We do live in a fast paced world that dispenses information quickly. So that is exactly what we have been looking for—technology, support, speed, information, and enjoyability (is there such a word? I think it is important to enjoy our working environment).

As some of you know, our second move has been amazingly smooth and very exciting! Our team has expanded to include what I term a cooperative-styled operation (akin to a kibbutz system, which is my specialty). The ordering, shipping, customer service, and technology (shopping cart and the information it provides, bridging into other systems, and communicating with you) work in tandem to offer the kind of support that is efficient, faster, better, and, yes, even fun. 

Call the customer service team (1-866-376-3854) for orders, tracking packages, issues, etc. They are very ready for you.  Matter of fact, when Seann called to ensure the number works well, Jean was hoping it would be one of you! Our hours are EST for ordering and shipping but because we are bi-coastal, please feel free to continue to call us in the Pacific NW as well, we love talking with you!

In the next few months we will start working on a project you have continually asked for—expanding the shopping cart to offer your patients the ability to order retail directly from BioImmersion, with your special code that will allow them entrance and for both of you and your patients to track what they do purchase. It will give you the ability to work together with us and your patients who are living far from you or need to purchase one of the products you have on their protocols quickly. We will let you know how this progresses and are open to your feedback and suggestions!!

Take great care and remember as the cold season approaches, garlic is a powerful food to fight the flue, sore throats, and colds. Open a capsule or two in a glass of warmish water, add one teaspoon of the Original Synbiotic to boost your immune system, let sit for a minute, and drink up!

Both Seann and I send you our warmest wishes!

Dohrea Bardell
BioImmersion Inc.

Clinical Notes:

Garlic is such a powerful, well-researched antimicrobial herb, and over the years I have many times discussed its medicinal features and benefits within our Forward Thinking. Here’s a link for you:  Garlic.  For the most thorough discussions scroll down to the newsletters entitled:  

  • Garlic- a World Travelers Best Friend
  • Garlic- a Superior Antimicrobial
  • Organic Garlic Part 2
  • Organic Garlic Part 3.   


The Last Quiz Answer:


This is a photo from the trunk of the Tree of Life sculpture that stands as a 145 foot icon at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park in Florida.  A branch becomes an elephant’s trunk, a root a snake, each figure seamlessly flowing into another, with nearly 400 animals carved in its trunk.  It is built to withstand hurricanes.  Can we not with human hands constructure our environment in a way that protects diversity of life within the biosphere?

The Forward Thinking mission is to inspire participation within the medical community so that we all come to the table/take to the streets in greater numbers, to join in the momentus battle to stop the human caused destruction of our planet.  To that extent each week I add new contacts for us to check out, consider and learn from.

This week it’s Grist.  I just discovered them and they’ve been right under my nose, right in my own neighborhhod since 1999.  And to boot, they’ve been rated as one of the top green-new website out there.  They say that they are one green site that you can count on to help you make sense of it all.

For example, there seems to be a bit of controversy on whether  the Arctic Ice cap is really melting.  Grist speaks out with this great video:
What’s really going on with Arctic Sea Ice?

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