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Genetically Modified Probiotic? The Controversy in Science and Commerce

A genetically modified probiotics that prevents a hangover?

Zbiotic explains in their 'science' section that their genetically modified strain of B. subtilis, a soil organism. B. subtilis ZB183 is made by transferring "a strait for acetaldehyde breakdown from the liver into a probiotic bacteria for the purpose of helping you feel better after drinking alcohol." 

The company's website goes in length to discuss the safety of their modified organism, however, this is where  science is bent and used in ways to benefit commerce. The study (on Wistar rats, not humans) was paid for by ZBiotic and they even participated in the compilation, editing and submission of the manuscript. The last name of the researchers of this study is the owner of ZBiotic (Article). 

In other words, how much of the scientific method do we find in paid for and edited studies? The controversy here is simple, we are fed information that is bundled as 'scientific' when it is simply a commercial enterprise. 

How can we learn about the safety and efficacy of these engineered organisms, GMO in general, when studies are bought by for profit corporations? Of course we cannot support this kind of science. 

Zbiotics advertise testimonials that dismiss good nutrition, supplements, and the advice of naturopathic physicians as unhelpful against a hangover. Furthermore, they call their product 'food' rather than 'supplement' - less hassles with FDA regulations. 

Wouldn't it be smarter if they built a campaign around good habits for health? When they target trained nutritionists and doctors that are concerned about the patient's overall health - it is shortsighted and uninformed.

My advice to Zbiotics: start reading authentic scientific articles about integrative and holistic health. 

Seann has always insisted on checking out each and every article, even and especially when it is holistically inclined, to make sure it can stand the rigorous machine of science. In this way we can share information and knowledge with people who are not familiar with holistic health practices.  


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