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Exciting News for BioImmersion

Dearest fellow travelers,

Seann and I have such wonderful news: we are moving into our new warehouse that will enable us to serve everyone from the center of the country, with a great team of people who will assist us and you to have the best possible service experience. We love our team of people that have been with us for the past few years, and still cherish our relationship with them. They have done a terrific job!!!

Next week we will organize and get everything ready and the following week is the move itself, although it will be executed mostly on the weekend. Our new team will take orders and ensure a smooth transition starting July 18th. We are working hard towards a service that is not interrupted.

Meanwhile, I would like to introduce a great friend of ours, Lobat Kimiai, whom we have known for many years and is family to Seann and I. Lobat will take your orders on the phone and help you with any issues that may come up in the next week or so. We are very glad that you will have the chance to meet her via phone or email.

From Lobat, here is a very shortened bio:

Over 15 years of experience in healthcare as a consultant and clinical nutritionist. As a healthcare consultant, I have provided quality improvement initiatives that support efficient delivery of business services utilizing the Lean Systems methodologies. Focus as a nutritionist has been on prevention and treatment of illnesses through diet and biochemical assessment, proper dietary care and lifestyle modifications. I specialized in ADHD and Children’s Allergies.

Of course Seann and I have to add that our Lobat is intelligent and beautiful. And yes, we are for sure biased!

And because it is summer time and many of us travel with the whole family, let us not forget to pack our trusted Organic Garlic, Supernatant Synbiotic, and the PhytoPower. We know that “things happen” and these products are the Therapeutic Foods first aid. Garlic for any stomach or GI disturbances, colds that may come unexpectedly, infections, and the list goes on. The same for the Supernatant, a great probiotic combination, originally designed by us to protect against hospitals’ infections (nosocomial infections), but in reality over the years has proved to be a great probiotic for general use. The No7 is also designed for this purpose with many more features, such as the cranberry and pomegranate for kidneys and bladder, pineapple for digestion, and so much more. It is Seann’s favorite every day probiotic. These Bulgarian bugs are excellent fighters!  Of course, we love the PhytoPower; our Alaskan native plants that protect and enhance our core system (liver, kidney). We think of it as a core product for detox, energy, digestion!

We hope you are having a great 4th of July holiday. We love you all,

Dohrea Bardell

The Last Quiz Answer:
This fat caterpillar photo is taken from the Galapagos Islands.  Don’t know its name or if it’s the larva of a moth or a butterfly.  But it is very fat and very active, click on the video.  There are eight species of butterfly and many species of moth known to the Galapagos.  Butterflies by day and moths by night are important pollinators of flowers.  Caterpillars are an important food source for many birds, even seed-eating finches feed their young on small caterpillars.

The Food Revolution is truly upon us and “Hungry for Change:  Your Health is in your hands” arms us well to improve our health and to face, with facts, the industrialized food system we all know we must change!

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