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Donnie Yance on COVID-19: Finding a Redemptive View on Suffering

Dear Friends

What is the redemptive value in all of this COVID-19 pain and suffering?

I have been asking our integrative doctors and health practitioners this question and their answers are inspiring. 

Master Herbalist, Donnie Yance:

The redemptive value is not to get too focused on what is not within our control. We need to focus on the healthiest response to what is going on around us.  We need to find a way to hold on to hope, faith and do everything we can to enable the moment to help us become better human beings. During Covid there is more time we can spend on reflection, prayer, reading, and building a garden. These are some of the things that we can do.  When there is no COVID there is typically little time for reflection.  We can use the time now to reflect on the good things. For example, if we are healthy it is 100 times better than a person with a pre-existing condition since they are the ones that potentially have a the hardest time with COVID .  Self-reflect on where your health is at now and to make it better. That is a good first step. 

Thank you Donnie.

Here is one of Donnie’s articles on this COVID crisis.

COVID-19 Holistic Health Research Updates (Jul 30, 2020 Post)

“Staying tuned in to your health is always important, but it should continue to be an even higher priority amid this pandemic.  For most of us, the pandemic has forced us to stay close to home ….  I find myself compelled to shine a light on all the good science in support of healthy lifestyle practices as we go through these challenging times ….”






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