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Chinese New Year 2024: Happy Dragon and Best Wishes

The South China Morning Post, The New York Post, The Economic Times, Times of India, and The Japan Time have one thing in common with The Chinese Zodiac - All agree that 2024, the year of the Wood Dragon, will be a  year of growth and development. 

A very entertaining article by Ada Tseng of the Los Angeles Times pokes fun at some of the prediction from last year (year of the rabbit - was supposed to be peaceful), and tells us that US elections should go more smoothly because the US was born in 1776, the year of the monkey, and they are compatible with the dragon.  I am already enjoying the possibilities of the wood dragon! 

And one more thing - the dragon is supposed to be noble, and unlike the dictionary's definition of noble being of high social status, I view noble as being honorable, and living life with the intention of doing good for others. 

Happy New Year to you - Enjoy, Love, and focus on Goodness. 

Yours as always,



  • Tseng, A. (2024, Feb. 06). 2024 brings the Year of the Dragon. Are we in for a lucky, powerful year? Los Angeles Times.  article


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