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The Importance of Boron as Prebiotic: Origin and Evolution of Life

We alluded to the fact that Boron was present in the beginning of life, which would make sense, it is such a foundational mineral, but there is so much more.

 According to Kim et al. (2016), RNA is considered to be the first biopolymer - this supports the Darwinian natural selection on Earth. Yet this is challenging to chemists who study prebiotic. 

Here we define prebiotic chemists as scientists who study what was occurring before life begins. And to solve this issue, researchers are looking into boron, magnesium, sulfate, calcium and phosphate in natural salt or mineral deposits.

Boron is studied as the solution to this phosphate issue due to its ability to sequester (isolate) phosphate from calcium and form the mineral lüneburgite, and key to the continuing of this process is the stabilizing force of boron with RNA and how it helps a chain reaction to occur which then produces the solution to the phosphate issue for the creation theory (Kim et al., 2016).

In fact, Scorei (2012) describes Boron's primary role as proving 'thermal and chemical stability in hostile environments" - and hence its contribution to the 'pre-RNA world.'

Yes, we have many origin of life theories, and yet it is important to notice how foundational elements like boron and other minerals are present in many of these theories. It is difficult to imagine creation without these beautiful basic minerals.

In the same manner, minerals are foundational now in protocols for health, and Fructo Borate, a natural form of boron found in plants - easily absorbed and utilized - is found in research to be essential element in many different functions of the body. 

Fructo Borate 



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  • Scorei, R. Is boron a prebiotic element? A mini-review of the essentiality of boron for the appearance of life on Earth. Orig. Life Evol. Biosph. 2012, 42, 3–17. Article

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Scorei, I. D., & Scorei, R. I. (2013). Calcium fructoborate helps control inflammation associated with diminished bone health. Biological trace element research, 155, 315-321. Abstract

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