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Blueberries Improve Artery Function

An article by Dr. Greger ( on blueberries led me to a fascinating research on the benefits of blueberries on vascular function. 

What was fascinating about this research? Ana Rodriguez-Mateos and her group made sure that the participants did not eat a diet rich in polyphenols which means no fruits, veggies, cocoa or chocolate and wine (and alcohol), tea and coffee; and also no nitrate rich foods like green leafy veggies and beetroot. And that is not all - they could not exercise vigorously.  Blueberries had to either improve artery function or not - all on their own!

Although this was a very blend and albeit unhealthy diet, blueberries were truly put to the test.

The participants got various amounts of blueberries a day (in a drink), plus a control group with a placebo like drink that had no blueberries but tasted like blueberries so the participants did not know if they got the blueberries or not. 

Results?  Blueberries truly did a beautiful job of improving artery functions which as we know, is important to heart health and a host of other benefits to the brain, immune system, nervous system and more. Enjoy the Article

Blueberry Extract


  • Rodriguez-Mateos, A., Rendeiro, C., Bergillos-Meca, T., Tabatabaee, S., George, T. W., Heiss, C., & Spencer, J. P. (2013). Intake and time dependence of blueberry flavonoid–induced improvements in vascular function: a randomized, controlled, double-blind, crossover intervention study with mechanistic insights into biological activity. The American journal of clinical nutrition98(5), 1179-1191. Article

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Green Facts:

Globe_Home 3What happens when you mix strawberries with Milk? reduction of 50% anthocyanin. Our suggestion: mix your berries with plant based milk or plant based yogurt to get the full benefit.

Xiao, D., Sandhu, A., Huang, Y., Park, E., Edirisinghe, I., & Burton-Freeman, B. M. (2017). The effect of dietary factors on strawberry anthocyanins oral bioavailability. Food & function, 8(11), 3970-3979. Abstract

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