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Beets support in prevention from IBD.

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Epidemiological studies have suggested that reduction in cardiovascular disease, cancer risk and a range of other chronic disease conditions is linked to consumption of anthocyanins, betalains, chlorophylls and carotenoids. (Mary Ann Lila 2004)

The combined evidence of numerous research trials indicate that a variety of different pigments in a well-balanced diet is key to prevention and therapy for a range of chronic human disease conditons. (Lila 2004)

In this past Wednesday’s Forward Thinking email we looked at betalains, derived uniquely from red beet root and cactus pear.  When we talk about betalains we are talking about a class of phytonutrients that include such phytochemicals as indicaxanthin and betanin.  Tesoriere (2013) looked at the bioavailability of these two substances and determined that both can substantially be absorbed through paracellular junctions of intestinal epithelial cells. In other words, they are “bio-available” and easily absorbed through the intenstines.

Tesoriere in his 2014 research, looked a indicaxanthins ability to inhibit inflammatory molecules NOX-1 and NF-kB and found that it inhibits their activation and thereby prevents the increase of epithelial permeability in IL-1B exposed Caco-2 cells.  The results of this research indicates that Betalains may help control or mitigate the inflammatory response in chronic inflammatory bowel disease.  This is very encouraging as IBD is in the growing class of chronic degernative disease effecting humankind today. More research is in the works.


Mary Ann Lila (2004) Plant Pigments And Their Manipulation: Annual Plant Reviews, Vol. 14 Chapter 8, Blackwell Publishing.

Tesoriere et al. (2013) Trans-epithelial transport of the betalain pigments indicaxanthin and betanin across Caco-2 cell monolayers and influence of food matrix. Eur J Nutr., 52(3):1077-87.

Tesoriere et al. (2014) Indicaxanthin inhibits NADPH oxidase (NOX)-1 activation and NF-kB-dependent release of inflammatory mediators and prevents the increase of epithelial permeability in IL-1Bexposed Caco-2 cells. Br J Nutr., 111(3):415-23.

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Clinical Notes:

Our Beta Glucan Synbiotic Formula not only contains organic red beet root betalains as an important antioxidant, it also contains the soluble and insoluble fibers of beet root, oat bran (with a concentration of the very important soluble beta glucan fibers), and inulin from chicory root— all health giving items right out of the Mediterranean diet. These are also organic prebiotic fibers, excellent fibers for the good bacteira of the gut. To this mix we have added 5 pedigreed lactic acid probiotics (good bugs).  This makes for a very effective synbiotic (good bugs and fiber) formula; a fiber rich food; a detox agent; and cholestrol lowering product (beta glucan, approved by the American Heart Association).

See the Beta Glucan Synbiotic Formula

The suggested dosage is one tsp to one tbl daily.
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