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Apples: Heart, Weight Loss, Hair Growth, Anti-Aging, and More!

A seemingly old fashioned title, Does an Apple a Day Keeps Disease Away? caught my attention because of its subtitle: Evidence and Mechanism of Action. 

I love evidence and love to know the why behind evidence. 

Zhang et al. (2023) has much evidence, or findings as we are found of saying in the research community, and the mechanism of why apple works so well to bestow many health benefits. 

Apples lower cholesterol, create excellent harmony between between reactive oxygen species (ROS) - which as we know is important for DNA integrity, protect endothelial cells, provides anti-inflammatory effects, prevents diabetes and support those who are diabetics, and inhibiting different pathways and cells that cause cancer to grow. 

And oh, yes, apples also help with hair growth.

That is a lot for one fruit! The findings are detailed with both human and animal studies, and I think you will find the Article easy to read (your time is important), educational, and even exciting.  

No 7 Systemic Booster with Apple Extract

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  • Zhang, Y., Zeng, M., Zhang, X., Yu, Q., Zeng, W., Yu, B., ... & Jiang, X. (2023). Does an apple a day keep away diseases? Evidence and mechanism of action. Food Science & Nutrition, 11(9), 4926-4947. Article

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My Research: Peace

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