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A Smooth Move Every Day

Dear Friends

We love it when we have regular and thorough bowel movements.  Be Regular is formulated to accomplish this necessary task.

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The five gluten-free organic seeds provide ample fiber to gently detox (absorb toxins) and move the bowels. Taken on a daily basis, Be Regular provides us with fiber and the deeply nutritious life-giving energy of ancient seeds.

The growing evidence in food science on the importance of fiber intake on a daily basis is  conclusive.  Check the Research Tab of Be Regular.  We have summarized a fraction of the bibliography available on the importance of fiber.

How to use Be Regular

  • Add to your morning shake or smoothie.  It will mix in beautifully
  • Add to the Beta Glucan Synbiotic for an added fiber and probiotics for heart health
  • Add to your hot or cold cereal in the morning
  • Add to soups and sauces as a thickening agent
  • Add to home made baked goods

Sincerely yours,

Seann Bardell

Food Science

The public health implications of increasing dietary fiber intake to recommented levels for GI tract health and chronic disease prevention are significant.  Accumulating evidence indicates that greater dietary fiber intakes reduce risk for Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, weight gain, obesity and diverticular disease, as well as constipation (Crowe, 2011; Schmier, 2014).


  • Crowe, F.L., Appleby, P.N., Allen, N.E., Key, T.J. (2011). Diet and risk of diverticular disease in Oxford cohort of European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC): prospective study of British vegetarians and non-vegetarians. BMJ, 343, d4131 doi: 10.1136/bmj.d4131.
  • Schmier, J.K., Mill, P.E., Levine, J.A., et al. (2014). Cost savings of reduced constipation rates attribted to increased dietary fiber intakes, a decision-analytic model. BMC Public Health, 14, 374.

Green Facts:

Globe_Home 3More that ever we need to tune in, learn from and support organizations like The Environmental Working Group.  Here is their 2017 Dirty Dozen.  EWG’s analysis of tests by the U.S. Deparment of Agriculture found that nearly 70 percent of samples of 48 types of conventionally grown produce were contaminated with pesticide residues.
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