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The Fourth of July: Freedom is a Global Duty

The Fourth of July signifies independence for the United State.

What we still need to strive for is freedom and independence for all human beings, everywhere in our world. 

Many of you may not know that my PhD is in International Relations, and in particular, global peace. To have peace, everyone on our planet needs to be acknowledged as worthy, free, and an important member of a whole community. 

Sounds too ideal?

Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) did not think so, and in fact, in many of his political writings endeavored to show us that we, as human beings, have a duty toward the other - the people whom we do not like or consider our equal, our so called enemies...

In other words, according to Kant, there are universal laws that bind us together into a duty toward one another, to uphold each other's dignity as autonomous, free, and worthy beyond any prize. 

In the theory I built for global peace, I explicated this duty as the journey of awakening, of maturing, of inhabiting peace. 

And to be able to realize peace we need to be free. Our nation needs to be  independent and its citizens need to be autonomous, self-directed, and free to voice their views. 

We are blessed to find ourselves in this country, and I estimate, midway in our collective journey to exercise this beautiful duty toward one another. There is more growing up and maturing that must happen, and I think it is happening. 

Celebrate with your family and friends, shift your view just one precent to include others in your joy that you normally do not and watch the world around you shimmer with more promise. 

Happy Fourth of July!


Yours as always, 


Dohrea Bardell, PhD

BioImmersion Inc. 

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