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Brown Seaweed: Diabetes and Blood Sugar Regulation

One of the reasons the Weight Less works so well on weight loss and weight management is its amazing ability to slow down carbs and sugar absorption.

And it is the exact reason the research team of Vaughan et al. in 2022 arrived to the conclusion that brown seaweed and its extracts have the "potential for preventing and managing hyperglycemia." 

In fact, their analysis confirms that brown seaweed positively affects plasma glucose homeostasis - which is no small task. Maintaining a balance of blood glucose in the blood involves several organs such as the liver, pancreas, adrenal glads, thyroid pituitary and of course hormones. 

Treating Diabetes with a healthy diet and exercise, and losing extra weight is necessary. Adding brown seaweed is a great supportive measure for managing metabolic conditions, and the research is promising. 

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  • Vaughan, K., Ranawana, V., Cooper, D., & Aceves-Martins, M. (2022). Effect of brown seaweed on plasma glucose in healthy, at-risk, and type 2 diabetic individuals: systematic review and meta-analysis. Nutrition Reviews, 80(5), 1194-1205. Article


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