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Labor Day: Appreciating Justice and Equality!

Did you know that in the later part of 1800s, before labor day was initiated, most Americans had to work 12 hours a day and 7 days a week, just to barely survive?

Children that were as young as 5 or 6 years old worked too, and earned a tiny wage. 

And worse, working conditions were unsafe, the air was polluted, and the workers lacked fresh water and sanitation. There were also no breaks during work hours.

Sounds brutal and unjust?

These conditions were endured for too long and were in fact good reasons to rebel — which is exactly what happened — for example, the march of 10,000 workers in 1882 from City Hall to Union Square in NYC. 

There were violent riots too, like the Haymarket Riot in 1886 that took place in Chicago, to advocate for 8 hours work day. 

There were many more riots before the American workers were given what we now think of as just basic rights.

We take a lot for granted, yet to achieve such justice and equality, much violence was dispensed. We can understand the anger and frustrations. 

The question in the center of this holiday is who else is fighting for justice and equality around the world? And what little or big steps can we take to bring about better life for others? 

Take a look at the Research and Our World section below to read “What is Enlightenment?” By Kant (1784). It ignited my love for Immanuel Kant and the beginning of my peace theory building. You may be surprised at what Enlightenment is… 

Enjoy the holiday and maybe sit for a few moments of reflection and thankfulness to acknowledge this remarkable holiday.


 Yours as always,


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Research and Our World: What is Enlightenment? 

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Immanuel Kant wrote "What is Enlightenment?" in 1784. It is a beauty article that it speaks of freedom for all human beings, upholding the dignity of humanity, individually first, and as a collective. It is a process and journey of and into maturity. 

From New York Public Library, here is the article that started my journey to research and create a Kantian Normative Peace Model. Such joy.

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