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Garlic for Stronger Immune System, Better Sex, and Against Dental Cavities?

Six months ago I was doing a search on the role of minerals and trace minerals when I saw that minerals and garlic together are great for improving the immune system and sex (on so many levels). 

Yes, I was surprised, and it was a little humorous, let's face it, we think of chocolates and sex, or full moon and shiny stars. But garlic? 

Today, I went through research articles on garlic, again, as Fall is here, and I felt the chill of cooler weather. 

I found a precious article by Ashfaq et al. (2021) from the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, the University of Lahore in Pakistan. Garlic in this review has many different roles, from use to inhibit bacteria of all kinds to sore throats, sores in the mouth, and even in toothpaste to prevent dental cavities. 

Toothpaste? And again, I think of peppermint and spearmint, maybe anise, but garlic? 

Of course I had to read the article! And indeed, the research on Garlic is extensive and deep.

Garlic is used for heart, stomach, wounds, lowering of cholesterol and blood pressure, and as antibiotic against E coli, Salmonella, Candida albicans, Giardia limbia  - and Covid-19, respiratory infection, and the flu. 

Garlic is a good alternative to antibiotics, or as adjunct treatment with antibiotics. 

For dental care, the scientists argue that garlic works against dental plaque and as such, keeping plaque down minimizes the formation of cavities. 

Enjoy the  Article - it offers a clear education on how garlic works and why it is important as a therapeutic agent.





  • Ashfaq, F., Ali, Q., Haider, M. A., Hafeez, M. M., & Malik, A. (2021). Therapeutic activities of garlic constituent phytochemicals. Biological and Clinical Sciences Research Journal, 2021(1). Article


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