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3 Ancient Seeds to Support Your Satiety During Weight Loss

The two factors that stop a good weight loss program is feeling hungry and having no energy.

Your body gets used to the foods you eat every day, whether good or bad, these foods maintain what feels to you as your equilibrium. 

The issue with equilibrium is that it keeps us comfortable but not losing weight. So the question then is how to create an equilibrium with foods that satisfy and somehow turn off hunger and the desire for sweets. 

The 3 ancient seeds have been used in a cross over study that included 35 women who were recruited from Hacettepe University, a research university in Ankara, Turkey. The study was conducted in the Nutrition Laboratory in the Department Nutrition and Dietetics. (Akyol Mutlu et al., 2022)

The women were healthy, non smokers, and did not take drugs that could have an effect on appetite. 

Their diet was very regimented, each meal and snack measures in terms of calories and nutrients. 

At mid morning snack, the participants at either a yogurt with chia, or amaranth or quinoa. Or they received yogurt with pseudo-cereal (CON). All four snacks matched in terms of energy content (calories, fat, fiber, protein etc). 

The results show a tendency toward less hunger and desire for sugar, although the researchers analysis also ponders upon the lab setting for the meals and whether that interfere with the more natural way we eat and experience hunger. They also wonder if the yogurt changed anything or if the seeds should have been processed differently. 

Overall, they are satisfied that these ancient seeds do provide an added benefit, and of course want to continue on with these clinical studies as the 3 ancient seeds have impressive nutritional profile. Article


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 P.S. check out our Staff of Life with Chia, Amaranth and Quinoa. Mix a tablespoon in your preferred protein drink. If you do use yogurt, we suggest plant based as milk products do block polyphenols. 


  • MUTLU, A. A., KARAKAŞ, C. Ç., Elif, İ. E., Samur, G., & Aylin, A. Y. A. Z. Comparison of the Effects of Mid-Morning Snacks Prepared with Chia, Amaranth and Quinoa Seeds on Short-Term Satiety and Energy Intake. Hacettepe University Faculty of Health Sciences Journal, 9(2), 452-468. 


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Fun Facts about ancient grains and seeds (or as this author call them, pseudo grains):
Perrino, E. V. (2022). Ancient and modern grains, effects on human health: A first short review. Research Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, 2(1), 21-25. Article

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