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The 9 to 13 Cure

Dear Friends

What used to be the mandate from the USDA of eating 5-A-Day of fruits and vegetable is now 9-13 A-Day! Read Liu RH. in his article Dietary bioactive compounds and their health implications. J Food Sc. 2013, Jun;78 Suppl 1:18-25., for the new dietary axiom!

The reality is clear: good food heals. But it is also a reality, says Liu, that the average American only consumes 3.6 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. So how do we go from here (average of 3.6 a day) to there (11 a day)???

That is where Therapeutic Foods come in! These foods are intelligent, powerful, and pure.

Their Functional Benefits–  Each of the plant based products are specifically created for their foundational, pointed and general health benefits that they provide our bodies, and taken together over time on a regular basic can produce a strong immune system, reduced inflammation, and much more! It is smart to build a good therapeutic foods foundation.

Their Powerful Contents–  Why is it that plant foods grown in the wilds of Alaska, the savannas of Africa or the jungles of Brazil, amongst many other places on our beautiful earth, have such a high pay-load of phytonutrients?

In harsh natural (organic) environments those plants that thrive are able to do so because of their high concentrations of phytochemicals that protect them from radiation (excessive sun) and pathogenic critters (virus, bacteria and larger).  These plant chemicals function as antioxidants, antimicrobials and anti-inflammatories.  The good news is that these powerful cellular protective phytochemical are the plants gifts to us.   The key is to eat a variety of powerful plants.

Our world today- provides intense challenges to our physical bodies health.  Chronic stress disables our immune systems, pathogens come to our neighborhoods from all corners of the earth (via international commerce, and human travel), and the ever-growing pollution of our planet is manifesting as a global chronic disease health crisis.  We must have a power diet to protect our bodies.  More than ever we need to power of plants to protect our bodies—we need powerful plants.

Lets go to Clinical Notes for a smart and powerful protocol. Give it a three month time to strengthen your body. For more specific issues, send an email or call us!
Sincerely yours,

Seann Bardell

Clinical Notes:

Upon rising drink 2 large glasses of water taking the following:

  • Organic Chorella- 4 tabs
  • Phyto Power- 2 caps
  • Wild Blueberry Extract- 1 cap (option for extra brain power)
  • Cruciferous Sprouts- 2 caps
  • Fructo Borate- 2 caps
  • Ultra Mineral- 2 caps
  • High ORAC Synbiotic Formula- 1 cap


The Last Quiz Answer:

The smallest of the antelope most commonly seen in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, steenbok show a marked preference for the open plains in the eastern region of the Park, formed on volcanic basalt. There is some sexual dimorphism, with only male steenbok having horns, and the females being slightly larger than the males.



“You have the right to know what’s in your food.  It seems so basic, yet thanks to more than 70 million of Big Foods lobbying dolllars we can’t trust food labels to tell us what we are really eating.”

“Japan, the EU, China and even Russia all have laws on the books that require companies to label foods with genetically engineered ingredients in them.”

The Environmental Working Group is doing something about this.



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