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Ready for the Sixth Mass Extinction?

Dear Friends,

Can you name this Beautiful Creature?

We are beginning to wake up.  We desperately need fresh air!

We are awakening to the understanding that life on earth has the power, in the way that it behaves, to alter the very composition of the gasses that make up the troposphere (the troposphere being the blanket of air covering the earth where all the weather takes place).

Furthermore, being the self-conscious, reflective animals that we are, we’ve come to understand that the way in which we have conducted ourselves on earth since the industrial revolution, has brought us into a crisis point that in all likelyhood, unless we get a hold of ourselves, will lead us to our very extinction, along with that of most other higher, high oxygen requiring creatures—the Sixth Mass Extintion.
When comparing the atmospheres of our closest neighboors in our solar system, Mars and Venus, to the earth’s atmosphere, Dr. James Lovelock (founder of the Gaia Hypothesis)  contends that, the Venusian atmosphere yielded figures of 95-96% carbon dioxide, 3-4% nitrogen, with traces of oxygen, argon and methane. The same analysis for Mars returns 95.3% carbon dioxide, 2.7% nitrogen, 1.6% argon, only 0.15% oxygen and only 0.03% water. In comparison the Earth’s atmosphere at present is 77% nitrogen, 21% oxygen with traces of carbon dioxide, methane and argon.

Chemically speaking, life enables the atmosphere to exists in a state far from equilibrium.  Conversely, if there was no life on earth its atmosphere would resemble that of Mars and Venus with levels of CO2 well over 90%, and oxygen being negligible.  Basically, reaching a state of equilibrium.  Life exists far from equilibrium.

So, the rising CO2 levels are very alarming, especially since they haven’t been at 380 ppm since 2 million years ago.  The more they rise the hotter the planet gets, the hotter the planet gets, the more the ice caps melts, the oceans rise, and the higher species die.  We’ve been here before, five times. This time, extinction, will be of our own doing.

Fortunately, we see help coming from all corners of the earth.  It is literally happening all around us, and the goal with our Forward Thinking is to help connecting the dots of positive movements so we can be encouraged and motivated to participate in quickening the change.  The following are a couple more points of light for us to know about:

Number One:  It’s happening in our very own neighborhoods.

Bullit 1 2On Tuesday afternoon Dohrea and I drove to Seattle to one of our new favorite food coops, the Madison Market.  As we arrived to our destination I noticed right across the street the most gorgeous wooden office building going up. I had to take a picture, so I took out my trusty cell phone and took these two shots. As you can see in the second picture it says the Bullitt Center.  Would you like to know what the Bullitt Center is up to?  It’s very exciting!

Their goal is to be the greenest commercial building in the world. They have entered into the Living Building Challenge.  To be certified as a Living Building a structure is required to be self-sufficient for energy and water for a least 12 continuous months and to meet rigorous standards for green materials and for quality of its indolor environment.  The Living Building Challenge requires a project to meet 20 specific imperatives within seven performance areas.

For the Bullitt Center, meeting the imperatives will include the following:

  • bullitt 2 7Site:  The location will support a pedestrian, bicycle, and  transit-friendly lifestyle.
  • Water:  Rainwater will be collected on the roof, stored in an underground cistern and used throughtout the building.
  • Energy:  A solar array will generate as much electricity as the building uses.
  • Health:  The building will promote health for its occupants with inviting stairways, operable windows and features to promote walking and resource sharing.
  • Materials:  The building will not contain any “Red List” hazardous materials, including PVC, cadmium, lead, mercury and hormone-mimicking substances, all of which are commlonly found in building components.>
  • Equity:  Unlike many office buildings, large operable windows will offer fresh air and daylight to all the people who work in the Bullitt Center.  The goals of Seattle’s Community High Road Agreement will guide selection of the construction team.

Their website is trendously informative, an important resource.  It will take you into a whole new world of enlightened building design.  Click here or above at the Bullitt Center.

Number Two:  It is happening all over the world. is building a global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis.  They have a fabulous educational site, that will arm you with all the information you needs to grasp and to speak on behalf of the issues regarding global warming.

Maldives 4They just completed an online project called where people from all over the world took videos and photos of climate changes occuring in their part of the world.  Check out the link.  Communities gathering from all over the world—Brazil, London, Florida, Afghanistan, Egypt, Kenya, Micronesia, etc—it’s grassroots and people are getting involved.  I will let these links do the talking.

The coral reefs of our Maldivian island is bleaching and breaking apart because of climate change, threatening our community, country, and culture. Photo By: Mohamed Fahumee.  These islanders are standing on the dead coral at low tide.  Very sad.

Sincerely yours,

Seann Bardell

Clinical Note:

Detox TF3 2

Energy Sustain:  organic quinoa, amaranth, chia, buckwheat and millet, all especially milled to make their nutrients available.  There is no gluten, yeast, wheat, corn, soy, or excipients and additives of any kind.  They are clean and pure. They are kosher. Cruciferous Sprouts:  broccoli, daikon radish, red radish, watercress, kale, mustard, cabbage.  All freeze dried sprouts harvested on the third day when their glucosinolates are at their heights.  Phyto Power:  whole and very potent multi-species of wildcrafted Blueberry, Dandelion and Rosehips—just think of the red, blue and green power.  Ultra Minerals:  72 nano sized, negatively charged plant derived minerals from Deep Time—predating humans destructive involvement with the land.  Original Synbiotic Formula:  good lactic acid bacteria and organic inulin from chicory root.
The Last Quiz Answer:

Lynx are masters of deep snow and cold winters. In Washington, they are at home among the boreal habitats in Okanogan County, where winter persists for much of the year.

Their down-like fur protects them from the cold, and their large paws (the size of a cougar’s foot) and small weight (similar to a 25-pound bobcat) enable lynx to float on the deep fluffy snows of the high elevations of northern Washington. These large feet act as snowshoes for lynx to pursue their primary prey, the snowshoe hare (Lepus americanus).

Excessive numbers of fires in the past decade may be a threat to the species’ survival in Washington … In the past decade, more than 50 percent of these spruce and subalpine fir forests along the northeastern Cascades have been burned. (from a talk by Gary Koehler, wildlife research scientist, Washington Deparment of Fish and Wildlife).

I just picked up a book, that just came out, at our new food coop in Bellevue called Local Dollars, Local Sense:  How to Shift Your Money from Wall Street to Main Street and Achieve Real Prosperity.  It has received some very high endorsements from authors I respect.  For example John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman (a must read) said, This long awaited book is a masterpiece and a field guide to a much needed journey into creating the kind of economy our children will be happy to inherit.  Future generations will praise Local Dollars, Local Sense as one of those seminal works that helped transform human societies.

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