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Psychobiotics: Summary of Probiotics for Gut - Brain Health

 What are some of the probiotics that are researched for their effect on the gut - brain axis? That help anxiety and depression? Cognition? 

In a just published article by Sharma & Bajwa (2022), we meet some of the probiotics that have been researched as Psychobiotic microbes.

Realize that names next to a strain is a commercial name, and not necessarily the 'ideal' or the 'only' probiotic that accomplished the task at hand. It is the designated ID or the foundational probiotics, the well grown and cultured organisms from a steady mother culture that we are all interested in - genetic identify that is well established and maintained, strength, and the ability to create a robust community in the gut. 

Enjoy! And see below the addition of High ORAC as many articles speak of inflammation as the underlying condition for anxiety and depression.


Probiotics are those beneficial microbes that confer various health benefits to humans when integrated in diet in adequate amount. They possess vital metabolites having nutritional and therapeutic properties which provide countless health benefits. Scientific discoveries demonstrated that these living microbial consortiums may exert impact on anxiety, depression, cogni- tive functions, stress responses and behaviours. Those probiotics that controls the functioning or actions of central nervous system (CNS) conciliated by the gut brain axis (GBA) through neural, humoral and metabolic pathways to ameliorate the gastrointestinal activity as well as anti-depressant and anxiolytic capacity are known as psychobiotics. Few evidences have confirmed the remedial effects of psychobiotics against neurological conditions or disorders. So, therapeutic approach of psychobiotics leads to the future possibilities in the development field for researchers. This review article describes the potential role and mechanism of action of psychobiotics. Article

Original Synbiotic 


Original Synbiotic 

 Suggested use: One teaspoon by mouth (very tasty) or mixed in a little water. 


 High ORAC Synbiotic: Polyphenols and Probiotics

High ORAC Synbiotic: Polyphenols and Probiotics


  • Sharma, H., & Bajwa, J. (2022). Approach of probiotics in mental health as a psychobiotics. Archives of Microbiology, 204(1), 1-7. Article


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 And more Psychobiotics for Kids:

Basso, M., Johnstone, N., Knytl, P., Nauta, A., Groeneveld, A., & Cohen Kadosh, K. (2022). A Systematic Review of Psychobiotic Interventions in Children and Adolescents to Enhance Cognitive Functioning and Emotional Behavior. Nutrients, 14(3), 614. Article

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