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Polyphenols for Skin Disorders and Hair Loss

We have discussed potent antioxidant for aging skin but how about skin disorders and hair loss?

In this 2022 review by the research team of Sun et al., polyphenols are the promising heroes for skin and hair ailments, and in fact, due to their "multifunction biological properties" offer a wide variety of solutions.

For example: skin disorders such as dermatitis, psoriasis, lichen planus and others are all inflammatory and complex in nature, with several layers of causes. Polyphenols, and in particular flavonoids, are anti-inflammatories, and modulate cytokine production, and immune cells, showing promising therapeutic effects. 

Other polyphenols also are known for lowering inflammation and down regulating the expression of other markers such as TNF, IL-1, inhibiting production of prostaglandin metabolites, all part of skin and hair issues. 

Each aspect of these amazing polyphenols, antimicrobial, antioxidant and more, contribute to the mechanism of healing skin and hair.

Enjoy this Article - it is a fast read and very detailed.


The skin is the largest organ of the body and plays multiple essential roles, ranging from regulating temperature, preventing infections, to ultimately affecting human health. A hair follicle is a complex cutaneous appendage. Skin diseases and hair loss have a significant effect on the quality of life and psychosocial adjustment of individuals. However, the available traditional drugs for treating skin and hair diseases may have some insufficiencies; therefore, a growing number of researchers are interested in natural materials that could achieve satisfactory results and minimize adverse effects. Natural polyphenols, named for the multiple phenolic hydroxyl groups in their structures, are promising candidates and continue to be of scientific interest due to their multifunctional biological properties and safety. Polyphenols have a wide range of pharmacological effects. In addition to the most common effect, antioxidation, polyphenols have anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic, antitumor, and other biological effects associated with reduced risk of a number of chronic diseases. Various polyphenols have also shown efficacy against different types of skin and hair diseases, both in vitro and in vivo, via different mechanisms. Thus, this paper reviews the research progress in natural polyphenols for the protection of skin and hair health, especially focusing on their potential therapeutic mechanisms against skin and hair disorders. A deep understanding of natural polyphenols provides a new perspective for the safe treatment of skin diseases and hair loss. Article 


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  • Sun, M., Deng, Y., Cao, X., Xiao, L., Ding, Q., Luo, F., ... & Zhao, H. (2022). Effects of Natural Polyphenols on Skin and Hair Health: A Review. Molecules, 27(22), 7832. Article

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