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UN International Day of Peace: The Power in Individual and Collective Responsibility

As a scholar of world peace I am very glad to see organizations that bring awareness of peace. Every year the United Nations' International Day of Peace, Sept. 21, is observed around the world. 

The UN has a theme each year and in 2023 the focus is on individual and collective responsibility: for sustainability, human rights, and more specifically for the prevention (and punishment of) genocide.

There is enormous amount of power that is generated from the decision you make on an individual level - that peace is important - beyond the hoopla that surrounds the event. 

Getting involved doing small things that are woven into a larger picture. For example:

I like the Sustainable Development Goals and think you will like it too - from donating what we don't use, to helping educate children, empower more women around the world (gender equality), create and utilize more affordable energy, and more. 

No matter how you feel about the UN, it would be a good idea to support an organization, any organization for that matter, that is leaning toward a global co-operation and unity. 

Here are two organizations that have initiated great activities around Sept 21st to bring more awareness of peace and oneness. 

Pause for World Peace will have a great line of speakers on Sept 21st, at noon eastern time. Plug into their activities: Eastern

It could very well be that one of the speakers will resonate with something deep inside you, because peace, in my view, is part of our DNA, it just need to be woken up.

Walk for the World is going to take place on Sept. 23rd, 10am Eastern time:

Walk for the world is Dr. Dispenza's new walking meditation, and already more than 82,000 people from all over the world have registered, and it is truly a joyous experience. I have experienced three walking meditations at an Advanced 7 day event. You will need your phone and ear plugs, and to download the meditation (on the website). It is a guided meditation, and being that you will be walking, it is a mediation with open eyes. Just saying...

I will be walking with a few friends, some with me here, and some in different cities. You can register and walk in your neighborhood or go to a park. Either way, you will be walking for peace. 



  • Boulding, E. (2000). Cultures of peace: The hidden side of history. Syracuse University Press. Book 

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 Research and Our World: Peace 

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Check out Taylor O'Conner's article: 11 Historic Peace Organizations Still Active today:

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