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Oxidative Stress: Skin Aging, Inflammation, and Cancer

We are again discussing what happens when Oxidative Stress is initiated in the body, resulting in cellular death (senescence), inflammation, and cancer (Liu et al., 2023). 

It is quite serious when scientists find that oxidative stress leads to aging and cancer. 

We have known about oxidative stress for a long while, but recently, the great flurry of research into oxidative stress is emphasizing and insisting we all pay attention. 

How do we protect ourselves? 

Since our body creates ROS naturally from just performing different tasks (like producing energy), and the body also creates ROS as a reaction to our toxic environment - and when ROS is not eliminated properly and leads to oxidative stress, which then leads to aging, inflammation and cancer - what do we do? 

And again, scientists are finding that polyphenols are essential for preventing oxidative stress and a "therapeutic potential" for major chronic conditions, such as aging and cancer (Liu et al., 2023). 

The polyphenols studied in this article are found within our powerfully made High ORAC and No 7 Systemic Booster

Enjoy the article!


  • Liu, H. M., Cheng, M. Y., Xun, M. H., Zhao, Z. W., Zhang, Y., Tang, W., ... & Wang, W. (2023). Possible Mechanisms of Oxidative Stress-Induced Skin Cellular Senescence, Inflammation, and Cancer and the Therapeutic Potential of Plant Polyphenols. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 24(4), 3755. Article

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