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New Website: Reactivate Your Account

Dear Friends

Thank you for all your wonderful feedback regarding the new BioImmersion Website.  We love it too.  Even though it still needs some tweaking to be perfect.

We are all working hard to make the corrections.  Fortunately, you can order with great help from our customer service team.  Just call BioImmersion's number 425-451-3112 and you'll be helped in your ordering by Hannah, April, Heidi, or Dustin

In the meantime, here are the issues we will help you with.

1.  When transferring all of you into our new website, for security reasons, we didn't transfer over your stored credit cards and your passwords.  The automatic "Forgot my Password" tab isn't responding, so please email or call us and we will send you an invite to reactivate your account, enabling you to log into your account where you can change your password to one of your choice. 

2.  Because we didn't bring any credit cards into the new site, at the present you need to enter your card each time you order.  We should have the storage function working soon.

3.  Any other things that you notice that need correction, please let us know.

I am really excited about our customer service team - and both Dohrea and I think you will love them too.




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