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Mortality’s Leading Cause

Dear Friends,

Can you name this Beautiful Creature?

What’s the leading cause of mortality in the world today?

According to WHO (the World Health Organization), Chronic Disease is the leading cause of mortality in the world representing 63% of all deaths.

The cause is multi-factorial, too much pollution, increasingly virulent pathogens, unrelenting stress and poor lifestyle choices.  The cure is making corrections on all fronts.  Let’s look at pollution this week and be sure to read Clinical Notes (below) as we offer solutions to help our bodies, minds, and spirits!

Pollution:  Just how toxic is our world?

One of the most toxic industries in the world is the textile industry, in the mills and factories that that make our fabrics for our clothing, seating, drapes and carpeting. About one half of the world’s waste water problems are linked to the production of textile goods, and many of the chemicals used to dye or finish fabrics are known to harm human health.  Yet, the finished product for the clothing, the rugs we walk on, the chairs we sit on are considered “safe” for use in our homes.

For example:  William McDonough + Partners is a design firm of architects, planners and support staff specializing in environmentally sustainable design and growth.  This firm is a powerhouse for transforming our world’s environment into a healthy place.  They are one of my heroes and definately a force to get to know about for many good reasons. Their link to their website is in Green Facts.  Check them out!!!

At any rate, Rohner Textils, a textlle factory in Switzerland, made a decision to correct their toxic waste problem.  They brought in McDonough + Partners to help them create a manufacturing process without using toxic chemicals.  McDonough has studied 8,000 chemicals commonly used in the textile industry.  Their measuring criterion: “chemicals” that are safe enough to eat.  Of the chemicals they tested 7,962 failed.  Only 38 chemicals were considered safe.  In the case of Rohner Textils, the trimmings (the cloth not used on the chairs) was considered by the Swiss government to be hazaardous waste.  It couldn’t be disposed of in Switzerland and was shipped to Spain for burial.  The good news was that the safe 38 chemicals were used to create a complete line of fabrics, containing every color except black.  And, the botton line is that when the Swiss government came to check the water flowing out of the plant, there were absolutely no toxic chemcials in it.  Amazingly, the cost of manufacturing was 20% less for Rohners (Heath & Heath, 2010).

In the Fall of 2006 a piece was written on the front page of the Los Angeles Times entitled, U.S. Rules Allow the Sale of Products Others Banned Chemical-laden Goods Outlawed in Europe and Japan are Permitted in the American Market.   The article said that warehouses on the LA docks were filled to the ceilings with formaldehyde-laden plywood (a cancer-causing chemical) destined for homes in America with enough material to build 2 million kitchen cabinets.  China exported to the US more than half a billion dollars worth of hardwood plywood.  One birch plank from China, bought at a Home Depot Store in Portland, gave off 100 times more formaldehyde than is legal in Japan and 30 times more than allowed in Europe and China.

Also in June of 2006, the Environmental Defense Organization in Canada put out a study entitled, Polluted Children, Toxic Nation.  Children, parents and grandparents from five Canadian families of diverse demographics provided blood and urine samples that were tested for 68 toxic chemicals.  The laboratory tests detected 46 of 68 (average) in the 13 family members who were studies.  In total 36 carcinogens, 23 hormone disruptors, 12 respiratory toxins, 38 reproductive/developmental toxins, and 19 neurotoxins were detected in the study volunteers.

PBS Evening News report pointed our attention to the clear-cut timber lands in Oregon where the timber companies use helicopters to spray pesticides over the cropped areas so that only Douglas fir is able to grow back.  The residents in the communities around this forested area have begun to raise a stir about this, and it was found that 100% of the populus had 2,4-D and Atrazine in the urine (September 12th, 2012).

The good news is that we are aware and we are cleaning up our collective act. Lets do even more!

Sincerely yours,

Seann Bardell

Clinical Note:

Even if you are being diligent in eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, and taking your supplements, the toxic burden on our bodies today requires a massive effort on all fronts to reduce the load.

We need supplements that are clean, potent and intelligent.  Nothing speaks to our body’s health holistically like food.  Our food system globally must change to one that provides clean, high actives foods.

The Therapeutic Foods Line helps our bodies to clean, detox, and heal.  The wildcrafted Phyto Power helps the liver detox (phase I and II), helps the kidney excrete and filter, helps purifying the blood (take two capsules daily).  The organic Cruciferous Sprouts stimulates Phase II enzymes production, protects against carcinogens (take four capsules daily).  The organic Chlorella helps to chelate heavy metals, supports the liver and cleans the blood (take four tablets daily).

The Last Quiz Answer:

Have you ever seen this awesome creature?  Here’s the Mudskipper (Periophthalmus modestus) in action! And, some amazing features:  (1) It breathes air and water. (2) Its frog like eyes allow for superb all round vision. (3) It spend as much time in the water as on land. (4) On land they breathe through their skin—called cutaneous breathing. (5) They hear sounds on land. (6) They are opportunistic carnivores.  Eating anything they can get into their mouth and swallow. (7) Captive mudskippers my become tame enough to be fed by hand.

Who is William McDonough?  Time Magazine recognized him in 1999 as a “Hero for the Planet,” stating that “his utopianism is grounded in a unified philosophy that- in demonstratable and practical ways- is changing the design of the world.”  His beautiful, eloquent website spells it out.  Check out his investment fund!

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