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Key to Health: Combination of Polyphenols and Probiotics

We have studied and known for a long time the powerful health building effect of plants and their polyphenols.

Researchers continue to explore and discover the why behind these therapeutic effects. In an article by Banerjee & Dhar (2019) the idea is that polyphenols are great with their anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects but it is possible that the antimicrobial properties of polyphenols is even more important to gut health and as result to overall health.

In other words, polyphenols can go after certain microbes that are determinant to a healthy microbiome and alongside probiotics can actually change the microbiota - the community of organisms in the gut that determines your good health. 


The residing microbiome with its vast repertoire of genes provide distinctive properties to the host by which they can degrade and utilise nutrients that otherwise pass the gastro-intestinal tract unchanged. The polyphenols in our diet have selective growth promoting effects which is of utmost importance as the state of good health has been linked to dominance of particular microbial genera. The polyphenols in native form might more skillfully exert anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties but in a living system it is the microbial derivatives of polyphenol that play a key role in determining health outcome. This two way interaction has invoked great interest among researchers who have commenced several clinical surveys and numerous studies in in-vitro, simulated environment and living systems to find out in detail about the biomolecules involved in such interaction along with their subsequent physiological benefits. In this review, we have thoroughly discussed these studies to develop a fair idea on how the amalgamation of probiotics and polyphenol has an immense potential as an adjuvant therapeutic for disease prevention as well as treatment. Abstract

 High ORAC Synbiotic

 High ORAC Synbiotic

Polyphenols with a very high Total ORAC and probiotics:  1 capsule a day. We also suggest the High ORAC for post antibiotic care, precisely because of its antimicrobial potential.   


  • Banerjee, A., & Dhar, P. (2019). Amalgamation of polyphenols and probiotics induce health promotion. Critical reviews in food science and nutrition59(18), 2903-2926. Abstract


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