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Epigenetic Modulation with High Active Plant Compounds Rebuild Health

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If chemicals, pollution and bad diets can cause various diseases, can plants and other dietary micronutrients cause epigenetic modulation to actually rebuild our health?   

The new scientific review by Kumari et al. (2020) focuses upon high active compounds from plants, probiotics, and peptides and their effect on epigenetic functions that increase and promote good health.

“Bioactive compounds” (Madalena et al., 2019) are now looked upon as potential “Epidrugs” – natural compounds (supplements) that are used to support people going through chemotherapy and also used as alternative to other intensive drug therapies. 


The epigenome is an overall epigenetic state of an organism, which is as important as that of the genome for normal development and functioning of an individual. Epigenetics involves heritable but reversible changes in gene expression through alterations in DNA methylation, histone modifications and regulation of non-coding RNAs in cells, without any change in the DNA sequence. Epigenetic changes are owned by various environmental factors including pollution, microbiota and diet, which have profound effects on epigenetic modifiers. The bioactive compounds present in the diet mainly include curcumin, resveratrol, catechins, quercetin, genistein, sulforaphane, epigallocatechin-3-gallate, alkaloids, vitamins, and peptides. Bioactive compounds released during fermentation by the action of microbes also have a significant effect on the host epigenome. Besides, recent studies have explored the new insights in vitamin’s functions through epigenetic regulation. These bioactive compounds exert synergistic, preventive and therapeutic effects when combined as well as when used with chemotherapeutic agents. Therefore, these compounds have potential of therapeutic agents that could be used as “Epidrug” to treat many inflammatory diseases and various cancers where chemotherapy results have many side effects. In this review, the effect of diet derived bioactive compounds through epigenetic modulations on in vitro and in vivo models is discussed. . Full-Article


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  • Kumari, A., Bhawal, S., Kapila, S., Yadav, H., & Kapila, R. (2020). Health-promoting role of dietary bioactive compounds through epigenetic modulations: a novel prophylactic and therapeutic approach. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 1-21. Full-Article

  • Madalena, D. A. S., Pereira, R. N. C., Vicente, A. A., & Ramos, Ó. L. S. (2019). New insights on bio-based micro-and nanosystems in food.  

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