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Earth Day April 22, 2024: Initiating Change

Did you know that the first Earth Day was born April 22nd, 1970? (

The organizers of Earth Day created this day to start a movement that protects and celebrates our planet. Over one billion people from all over the world are now part of the movement. 

Earth is important. We are responsible this planet and so far have not done a great job keeping its amazing systems clean and functioning well. 

Earth Day as an organization is committed to reducing plastics by 60% and by the year 2040. I think this is a very slow progress yet look at the amount of mobilized energy it takes to create the awareness and the willingness to let go of plastics. 

I know that I need to do more. 

On Monday, April 22nd, governments and NGOs gather to discuss and plan the reduction of plastics (BABIES VS. PLASTICS is the name of the campaign) in Ottawa. 

Read the Article by Phoebe Stapleton, associate professor of phamacology and toxicology at Rutgers University. She is the one who found the tiny particles of plastic fragments in our bottled water. 

Earth Day movement works hard for all of us, and needs our donation and help - they educate, organize, and mobilize millions of people all over the world to come together as a collective. To actually change the way we got habituated in our life to accept a lifestyle filled with toxic materials that are destroying our bodies and the planet. 

Let's do something good! 




Yours as always,


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 Walk for the Wold meditation is a walking meditation that was created by Dr. Joe Dispenza: the coming together of communities all over the world to walk in meditative space for 50 minutes to change our world, and of course ourselves; to bring goodness into our future.  April 21st, 7am pacific time/ 10am - join hundreds of thousands of people who care for our world. 

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