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Dementia: Brown Seaweed Extracts and Cognition

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The brain and our ability to think and remember is at the center of our universe, without it we lose our identity and ability to function healthily. Too many people are suffering with various diseases of the brain.

But exciting research is available about ways to lower neuro-inflammation in the brain, and to make sure our blood sugar is stable without spikes. Researchers are coming to the conclusion that polyphenols are key for healthy brain function. In this article you will find that brown seaweed holds a very important role for brain health.

 Weight-Less works together with Chromium, to balance blood sugar and support weight management and brain power.  Taken 20 minutes before meals, the extracts slow down the absorption of carbohydrates, lowering the glycemic index and reducing blood glucose for overall glycemic control (Haskell-Ramsay et al., 2018; Paradis et al., 2011; Roy et al., 2011).




Poly)phenols and, specifically, phlorotannins present in brown seaweeds have previously been shown to inhibit α-amylase and α-glucosidase, key enzymes involved in the breakdown and intestinal absorption of carbohydrates. Related to this are observations of modulation of post-prandial glycemic response in mice and increased insulin sensitivity in humans when supplemented with seaweed extract. However, no studies to date have explored the effect of seaweed extract on cognition. The current randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, parallel groups study examined the impact of a brown seaweed extract on cognitive function post-prandially in 60 healthy adults (N = 30 per group). Computerized measures of episodic memory, attention and subjective state were completed at baseline and 5 times at 40 min intervals over a 3 h period following lunch, with either seaweed or placebo consumed 30 min prior to lunch. Analysis was conducted with linear mixed models controlling for baseline. Seaweed led to significant improvements to accuracy on digit vigilance (p = 0.035) and choice reaction time (p = 0.043) tasks. These findings provide the first evidence for modulation of cognition with seaweed extract. In order to explore the mechanism underlying these effects, future research should examine effects on cognition in parallel with blood glucose and insulin responses. Full-Article


Weight-Less: Suggested use: 1capsule, 20 minutes before meals.


Chromium with High Active Beet Root 

Chromium with High Active Beet Root  

Suggested use: 1 capsule daily


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