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Blueberry Extract: Elevate Mood and Regain Cognition

How about a better mood and better thinking?

Let's start with our mood, and reason being is that although the holidays get us to experience more fun and anticipation, often, it also brings out unpleasant emotions of lack, loneliness, and sadness.

But Blueberries can lift our mood and sharpen our thinking. Let's take a look:

Several studies are showing that blueberries actually help to elevate the mood by boosting the brain's ability to think rather than get stuck ruminating which often leads into depression (Miller et al., 2018; Soviet et al., 2022).

Certain types of thinking, like ruminating, or focusing on worse case scenarios in our mind leads to depression, like revisiting certain episodes in the past without the seemingly ability to stop and get out of the loop.

Two studies, one with young adults around the age of 20 (18-20, and the other with younger children around the age of ten (7-10), have shown that flavonoid rich blueberry drink made a significant difference in mood (Khalid et al., 2017). 

Both participants and researchers did not know who is taking the blueberry drink and who is doing the placebo. This creates a better condition to evaluate results.

The hypothesis is that the flavonoids  change the brain and hence change the mood! 

Blueberry Extract 


Blueberry Extract 

suggested amount:  1 capsule of Blueberry Extract daily. 



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Green Facts:

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And blueberries also improve cognition in older adults: 

Miller, M. G., Hamilton, D. A., Joseph, J. A., & Shukitt-Hale, B. (2018). Dietary blueberry improves cognition among older adults in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. European journal of nutrition, 57(3), 1169-1180.

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