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Bifidobacteria and reduction of Obesity

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Is there a correlation between obesity and low levels of bifidobacteria?

Cani and associates (2007, 2007a, 2008, 2009) found a clear correlation between the bifidogenic power of oligofructose, and the importance of maintaining healthy levels of bifidobacterial populations for the reduction of obesity and diabetes.

An incredible chain of events happens when we eat a high fat diet. First, the gut flora changes, as seen in reduction in levels of Bifidobacteria, causing an increase in GI tract permeability. Increased permeability then allows for more LPS absorption, which brings about endotoxemia, a rise in inflammation, and the all too known manifestation of the metabolic disorders of obesity and diabetes.

Cani et al. found bifidobacteria and oligofructose (the prebiotic inulin) reduce and prevent obesity and diabetes.

Therapeutic Food protocol to support the reduction and prevention of Obesity and Diabetes:

Direction:  Pick from any of these three synbiotic products, all of which contain large amounts of bifidobacteria and inulin (oligofructose).  A synbiotic product contains probiotic and prebiotic.


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