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All About Peace: Walk For The World. 11.11.23 at 11:00am

Walk for the World is a walking meditation for peace. Created by Dr. Joe Dispenza and his team, for elevating the collective consciousness of our world into peace. 

And wow, it is on my birthday, 11.11 and exactly on the hour that I was born, 11:00am. (Actually, beginning time of the meditation is 11:11am Eastern Time). 

The Walking meditation is a 50 minute meditation, you can download it free here: 


And everyone and anyone can do this meditation. 

I learned about the power of walking meditations at the Week Long Advanced Retreat (meditation).  As some of you know, Seann and I planned to do this retreat together, and although Seann could not fulfill it in this time line, I went with some friends, celebrating Seann and life. 

The week long event is transformative, and a big part of that are the three walking meditations. It is incredible to walk with your eyes open and be guided by a meditation to step into an elevate state of being, your future, love, and on 11.11.23 -- peace. 

What I love about this meditation is the collective aspect - individuals coming together to purposefully practice peace, to envision a world of peace, to love the "Other." 

We need this exercise to remember who we are - beautiful beings that are precious beyond words, with a purpose to enact goodness in the world (Kant, Groundworks, 1785). 

Join me and thousands others on 11.11.23 - and let's walk together for peace.

July 8th, 2023. Denver. From Right: Susan, Christina, Kristin, and yours truly. The last day of the week long retreat, we are indeed, tired and giddy, and somehow full of energy.


  • Kant, I. (1785). The Groundworks for the Metaphysics of Morals. Cambridge Texts.

Sincerely yours,


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 Research and Our World: Peace 

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 One of the reasons that Seann decided to learn and participate in Dr. Joe Dispenza meditations is the science. He of course insisted I learn alongside him. Get to know the science behind meditation, our behavior, brain patterns, and more:

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