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A Love Note to Our Mothers

My mother passed unexpectedly from infection in 2017, two weeks before Mother's day.

Just a few days prior to her passing, my mother and I talked about me traveling to Israel so we can go to see some holistic doctors to help her feel stronger. She loved integrative medicine, and did so well on supplements and homeopathy. For a long time she primarily ate a plant based diet. 

Although I have not seen her for six years, I still hear her voice and feel her presence. She knows when I need her support and in my dreams, she looks awesome! Young, vivacious, and calm, with a little Latin fire that my dad so adored. 

Seann's mother was amazing. She knew exactly what to cook for me (I am a finicky eater), and our sense of humor was similar which meant we laughed a lot together, and that of course is a recipe for a great bonding. She brought an American influence to my home's French decor and loved to rearrange my furniture. She brought laugher, intelligent thinking (she was after all Seann's mother), and such deep care.

Our mothers are important. Whether we have a good or not so good relationship, there is a deep link. To a mother, you are a child no matter how old you are... and that to me is very precious. Nurturing. And yes, sometimes a little annoying. 

Mother's Day is a love note to our mothers. We celebrate them when they are here or not here with us in this life. 

Write your mom a love note. Remember, she is always in love with you, her child. Make her happy. 

 With Love and More Love



Dohrea Bardell, PhD, BioImmersion Inc.

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Green Facts:

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Did you know that May 9th, 1914 was the first Mother's Day? President Woodrow Wilson was the president who initiated this holiday. But Anna Jarvis, on May 10th, 1908 is considered the woman who started this movement by sending 500 white carnations to Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church (Grafton, W.VA to honor her mother. 

Read her story Here

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