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Transnational Greed and Eco-destruction

Dear Friends,

Can you name this Beautiful Creature?

Let’s talk about peace. I just came back from the privilege of sitting in on a meeting with Dohrea and one of her academic mentors, sociologist Dr. Mary Lou Finley. They were talking about Dohrea’s PhD path and its focus. Both Mary Lou and Dohrea love the study of global affairs with Dr. Finley having spent the early part of her activist life as part of the Martin Luther King, Jr. movement with Dr. King himself.

They were talking about the Middle East and what would resolve the fighting and feuding. Mary Lou shared her recent study of the formation of the European Union, how Europe has enjoyed peace in last 60 years (after World War II) after centuries upon centuries of killing and controlling each other. What would it take to make a peaceful world?

Dr. Finley, an expert on the non-violent methods of Martin Luther King and Gandhi, suggested that the non-violent successful revolution in Egypt utilized elements of what King and Gandhi taught (their writings have been translated into Arabic). One example was the crowd in the square giving flowers to the army—the symbol of love given to the forces of oppression.

What does the conflict in Egypt and the Middle East and its resolution have in common with the cause that we are all about—that of creating a world free of herbicides, pesticides, toxic chemical, pollutants, environmental abuse, poverty, starvation, and my passion as a zoologist, the devolution of the planet—the quickening path towards the destruction of all higher species, including us?

Who is our common enemy today and how should we fight them? The enemy who keeps the present system in place is the handful of transnational corporations in collusion with the World Bank, the WTO, the IMF, the UN and the dominant governments of the Global North supporting totalitarian regimes in the Global South. Regimes that sold out their own people, enabling the North to get all the mineral, agricultural and cheap labor resources of the South to feed our consumption needs. I must also include entities such as the Gates and Rockefeller Foundations that are part of this consortium of power and at best are misguided in their funded programs. But things can change if we get involved. Four great resources that clearly show the nature of our problem and a way out are: The Economic Hit Man, Stuffed and Starved, Food Rebellions, and the video Food Inc. It will only take you a few moment to view each of these links. I guarantee that they will affect your greatly. You’ll be very glad that you did.

Going further—read these books, and view the complete Food Inc. video, they will inspire you deeply and help you to clearly see the problem, possible solutions, and the non-violence path we must take. After thousands of years of wars all over Europe, the people had enough. They gathered to form the EU and as we learned yesterday, they simply conversed until they arrived to mutually accepted solutions. And they are still talking today, still dealing with issues, and taking their time to work things out. They don’t bomb each other when they have disagreements, they continue to converse. Peace in fact is about people coming together to share their hearts and minds, find a path they can walk on together (with equality and equity), agree to disagree, work and live together in peace.

My question to you is what can we do to bring sanity back into our planet in the way we conduct our lives and allow the transnational corporation to rule our food supply system, fuel, clothing, amongst other basic needs? We need to get into the streets and gather in squares and work out peaceful solutions—our planet depends on us for its survival.

Sincerely yours,

Seann Bardell

Clinical Note:

More and more I am seeing research that implements the overgrowth of Clostridial species in the gut as linked to the autism spectrum of behavioral disorders. Clostridia convert, in part, dietary fibers into the short chain fatty acid propionic acid. Therefore, an overgrowth of Clostridia causes an overproduction of propionic acid, which crosses the blood-brain barrier, causing aberrant behaviors.

Derrick MacFabe PhD is a major research scientist looking into autism. He asks, “Can something we eat give us a behavior like autism?” Read his research report: Neurobiological effects of intraventricular propionic acid in rats: Possible role of short chain fatty acid, on the pathogenesis and characteristics of autism spectrum disorders (2008).

He has demonstrated this within his research and the answer is yes! Dr. MacFabe observed the following in two groups of rats: the control (non injected) rats verses the propionic acid injected rats. The injected rats exhibited the following autistic behaviors: (1) Anti-social behavior: The normal rats sniff each other, hang around together, cuddle and sleep together. The injected rats try to get as far away from the other rats as possible. (2) Compulsive behavior: When a little box is placed in the middle of he cage, the normal rats check it out at first then ignore it. Whereas, the propionic rats can’t leave the box alone, continually run over it, around it, obsessed with it. (3) Repetitive behavior: The injected rats run three steps and stop, run three and stop, continuously. The normal rats behave normally. (4) Non-survival behavior: when sleeping the normal rats choose the edges of the cage so that they are not so exposed, while the injected rats sleep out in the open where, in the wild, any bird of prey can get them.

A healthy balance of organisms in the gut is a key to good health. Because of the over use of antibiotics our gut has become dysbiotic. An overgrowth of Clostridia is symptomatic to such a condition. Our Supernatant Synbiotic Formula was formulated specifically to inhibit Clostridial numbers in the gut and specifically to kill C. difficile (the leading hospital generated infection). The less Clostridia and less propionic acid breaching the blood/brain barrier and causing problems.

The Last Quiz Answer:

This is one beautiful creature whose name as the species level I don’t have a clue. It certainly looks like a Crustacea, the largest class of marine arthropods made up of approximately 30,000 species. My guess is that it is some sort of lobster. What do you think? Typically, the body of crustaceans is divided into two sections: the head and the trunk. The head has two pair of antennae and three feeding appendages—one pair of mandibles and two pairs of maxillae. Seems to have these.

If this is the first time that you will here this music from around the world, you will be blessed and heartened. If you have heard it before, it is always good to hear it a second and third time. The power of music to bring people together in love!!! Enjoy: Stand by Me/Playing for Change/Song Around the World.

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