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Therapeutic Foods: Condition Specific

Dear Friends

Can you idenitify this beautiful creature?

Can you identify this beautiful creature?

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  We wish you the best in 2014.

The BioImmersion Therapeutic Foods Line is a new medical framework built with advanced technologies that maintain the wholeness of foods, while utilizing the exact science of molecular concentration for therapeutic purposes.  The results are foods that behave medicinally in the body- repairing, healing, protecting and preventing. That is the power of food.

Furthermore, we have always affirmed that each of our Therapeutic Food products are “purpose specific by design and multi-dimensional in application”.  

The Supernatant Synbiotic Formula, for example, was created to protect hospitalized patients from nosocomial infections, yet the formula as well has broad spectrum benefits for the GI tract and the whole body.  It is an exceptional everyday probiotic supplement.

Nosocomial infections are hospital-acquired infections.  The Clostridium difficele bacteria is number one culpret in this category and can result in very a serious acute and later reoccurring colitis.  MRSA is another pathogen of major concern for hospitalized patients.

The story behind the creation of the Supernatant Formula was that we had the exciting opportunity to design a probiotic product that would protect a particular New York City hospital’s incoming patients from acquiring an infection while staying in their hospital—truly a major concern for all hospitals today.  I called our Bulgarian team of scientists and put them to the task of designing such a probiotic product.  A year later, after trialing a whole host of potential probiotic bacterial strains we had selected the creme of the crop, relative to these infectious conditions, and were ready.  However, the downsizing and consolidation of NYC hospitals that occurred over this year resulted in the closing of our cherished hospital trial partner and we were unable to complete the GE sponsored trial. But the good news was that we created, through this process, a great probiotic supplemental product—as five years of feedback, in the hands of health practitioners, has proven.

Sincerely yours,

Seann Bardell

Clinical Notes:

The Supernatant Synbiotic Formula is a great broad spectrum probiotic formula.  It has three components:  7 pedigreed medical-strain lactic acid bacteria, a small amount of inulin as the carrier for these good bugs, and supernatant which is the beneficial metabolites—vitamins, digestive enzymes, bacterocins, biosurfactants, etc—from these good bacteria.

Dosage:  one capsule daily or as directed by your doctor.

The Last Quiz Answer:

Here again is the beautiful Fossa.  Had to show you some live footage of this little known carnivore.  Presently, fossas are endangered creatures due to habitat loss.  Less than 10% of Madagascar’s original intact forest cover, the fossas only home, remains today.  Fossas in the wild can live up to fifteen years.


Rivers and Stories– Pulitizer prize winniing poet Robert Hass brings our attention to the potential resilience of rivers as stories across cultures, place and time.


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