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Dear Friends,

Can you name this Beautiful Creature?

Last week we were in Dartmouth, Massachusetts attending a three-day medical seminar put on by the Marion Institute’s Biological Medicine Network (BMN). The seminar was entitled Biological Medicine: Advanced Approaches to Difficult Diseases. The presenters were Thomas Rau MD and Frank Pleus MD/DDS. They were from the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland.

For those of you who don’t know Dr. Rau’s work, he is a world-renowned practitioner of the medical paradigm known as biological medicine. For decades people have been coming from all over the world to his Paracelsus Clinic to detoxify and rejuvenate their bodies, and to prevent and cure diseases.

Rather than seeing health primarily as a war that pits your body against outside invaders (i.e. germs, viruses and other pathogens), we believe the healthy body is in balance with itself and with the physical world in which it exists. Illness arises from within when that equilibrium is breached.

In April 2007 Dr. Rau authored a book entitled: The Swiss Secret To Optimal Health. The book not only describes in detail a special diet and form of nutrition, but also about a very deep-healing form of biological medicine and a healthful way of living.

I got a signed copy. It is a fantastic book. Here is the link to Dr. Rau’s work, book and Swiss Paracelsus Clinic (See you there?).

At the heart of this medicine lies the most important variable over which only the patient ultimately has control: nutrition.

  • Eat plenty of raw and lightly cooked leafy greens; root vegetables; other vegetables, such as green beans and peas; and fruits— fresh, organic, and in season whenever possible. These provide the bulk of the diet. They metabolize alkaline.
  • Whole grains, such as spelt, oats, quinoa, and amaranth for protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.
  • At least two tablespoons of good fats, such as olive oil, sunflower oil, flax seed oil, sesame oil, pumpkin seed oil, and grape seed oil every day.
  • 2 to 3 liters of un-carbonated, non-chlorinated spring water and herbal teas daily between meals.

How does the Therapeutic Foods interact with the biological medicine approach?

The Therapeutic Foods Platform says:

  • Take care of your brain, and nervous system with one capsule of Wild Blueberry Daily each day- equivalent to ¾ of a cup of blueberries. Very alkalinizing.
  • Take care of your liver, and heart with one teaspoon or four capsules of Cruciferous Sprouts Complex daily. Again very alkalinizing. Kicks Phase II liver detox into gear, where the Blueberry stimulates phase I. Both protect against cancer.
  • Take care to detoxify your body with four tablets of Organic Chlorella per day. It is the greenest of all plants. Highly alkalinizing. Both the Chlorella and the Sprout provides a rich source of the total essential amino acids. Chelates heavy metals in the gut, liver and throughout the body.
  • Take care of your bones; balance your hormonal state with one to four capsules of the Fructo Borate Complex, which gives you boron as it is found in food—tightly bound to carbohydrate. For protecting against osteoporosis, arthritis, and low levels of steroid hormones. Enhance SOD-antioxidant power.
  • And last, but definitely not least, take care of your gut with the selection of one of our seven synbiotic formulas for daily probiotic supplementation. Along with the Chlorella, the good bugs chelate heavy metals and create a healthy protective flora, which is one of the most important factors to accomplish for a patient.

Again Swiss Biological Medicine teaches (from Dr. Rau’s book):

  • The fluids that flow through the body—blood and lymphatic fluids—as well as the interstitial fluids that surround every cell must be slightly alkaline in order to counter the acidity that is a natural by-product of cell metabolism
  • The intestinal flora (bacteria) must be intact and healthy.

Without such fertile soil illness arises sooner or later when the balance tips and the person loses his or her regulatory powers, usually as a result of several insults to the system. This we call the toxic load. The goal of Swiss biological medicine is to remove those toxins and get the body back in balance to allow your natural defenses and vitality to thrive.

We have been talking about the gut and the evolution of bugs and the interaction between humanity and the bacterial world. Eating good food, taking pure supplementations, detoxing in saunas, exercising, and doing something we love each and every day is the way to build Dr. Rau’s milieu.

Sincerely yours,

Seann Bardell

Clinical Note:

This is supposed to be the coldest winter that we have had in the large fifty years. Get lots of our organic garlic. It is very potent against bacteria, protozoa and viruses. Remember each capsule contains 4 to 5 cloves of garlic. The alliin count is around 26,000 ppm- that is alot of bad bug killing potential.

Also remember that the High ORAC Synbiotic Formula is excellent for the cold session. It contains good bugs and berry extracts which provide ellagic acid amongst others, a strong broad spectrum antimicrobial, and 25 billion cfu per capsule to protect the gut.

The Last Quiz Answer: This amazing creature is an Aye-aye found only on the island of Madagascar. These rare lemurs may not look like primates at first glance, but they are related to chimpanzees, apes, and humans. Many people native to Madagascar consider the aye-aye an omen of ill luck. For this reason they often have been killed on sight. Such hunting, coupled with habitat destruction, have made the aye-aye critically endangered. Today they are protected by law.

Only two of you were able to identify the Aye-Aye. What about this weeks animal above, can you name it? If you can I’ll send you our new organic chlorella as a prize.

A big part of the practice of Swiss biological medicine is the use of the German Sanum Isopathic/homeopathic remedies. On February 25th and 26th, 2011 in San Diego Terra Medica (the company which distributes these products in America) presents the Pleo-Sanum Conference bringing together four luminaries in this methodology, teaching together for the first time—Dr. Thomas Rau MD, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD/PhD, Dr. Byron Braid MD and Dr. Ara Elmajian DDS. I know well all of these phenomenal teachers and practitioners—it will be highly worth your time. Besides San Diego, in February—a nice place to be. Contact Nick Fransen, the medical support manager for Terra Medica—cell: 435-503-5193 and phone: 408-414-7436.

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