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Can you idenitify this beautiful creature?

Can you identify this beautiful creature?

What disease conditions warrant the use of Phyto Power?

This basic, practical, straight forward, condition specific question was asked of me today by a young doctor during our business lunch.

My answer:  For a healthy functioning brain and nervous system (4 species of blueberries). For a healthy digestive tract, liver, kidneys, and eyes (4 species of dandelion, the whole plant, including roots and flowers).  The three species of rosehips plus their seeds give you the power of catechins, carotenoids, organic acids (yeast reduction) and vitamins which provide protection against cancer, diabetes, CVD, inflammation and the diseases of aging.

It is the power of the green, red, orange, yellow, blue, and purple potent foods.

Now lets take a look at the ingredients:


Now let me ask you a question:

Why does our USDA recommend The 5-to-10 a Day Fruits and Vegetable Program for all Americans?

It is because the scientific evidence demonstartes that a healthy diet of live foods gives the body what it needs to heal, repair and defend itself. Health in large part is a matter of feeding the body a diversity of fresh high active foods with rich nutrient density—the body will sort it our from there.

Most Americans Eat Much Less than Recommended Amounts of Fruits and Vegetables, Guenther P et al. Sept. 2006, J. Amer. Dietetic Assoc. Vol. 106, Issue 9 Pg 1371-1379.

Their conclusion:

Americans need to consume more fruits and vegetables, especially dark green and orange vegetables and legumes.  Nutritionists must help consumers realize that, for everyone older than age 3 years, the new recommendations for fruit and vegetable intakes are greater than the familiar five servings a day. 

So on a supremely fundamental level our Therapeutic Foods line is about the basic feeding of our bodies with foundation food based nutrients it needs to heal itself.  And, it isn’t about large amounts, it is more about the frequent and regular consumption with small portions of a diversity of high active foods.

For the added benefis of the phyto power and wild blueberry (a different species, in extract form) see Clinical Notes.

Sincerely yours,

Seann Bardell


Clinical Notes:

Wild Blueberry Extract:  For optimal brain health (foggy brain, memory issues, dementia, cognitive dysfunction) take the therapeutic dosage of one to two capsule daily, then build up as necessary after a week. Remember, it is intensely concentrated food but it will take a little time. Build up the dosage until brain function improves, then readjust dosage downwards for maintainance.

Phyto Power: For optimal brain and nervous system it faciliates the bioavailability of the Wild Blueberry Extract, and can be used on its own. Start with two capsules for thereapeutic dosages and build up. As with the Wild Blueberry Extract, after brain function improves, readjust the dosage downward until you arrive to the maintainance stage.

Example: For Dohrea’s PhD studies, we have created a routine of two Wild Blueberry Extract capsules plus three Phyto Power capsules. Taken every morning when she has to write papers (which is now all the time). At break time, between terms, we lower the amount to one a day of each product.
The Last Quiz Answer:


To get into moose country one really needs to go up north to the circum-polar Boreal Forest, also known as the Taiga—the Great North Woods of Canada, Alaska, Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway.  The Boreal, the Amazon, the Belgion Congo are the lungs of the earth.

This young bull appears to be perhaps a friend of the family.  Here’s a video of a young tame female moose in Russia.  She’s very cute.

Have you tuned into The Global Oneness Project?  You really should!
Check out their films, documentaries, interviews. They connect culture, ecology and beauty.  They open the mind and quicken the heart.

In this short documentary, Among Giants, one activist saves a portion of the giant redwoods, with trees from 200 to 1000 years old, from sure destruction.

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