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Pollution of Transnationals

Dear Friends,

Can you name this Beautiful Creature?

Is this not an absolutely precious picture? Don’t you love it? Nothing nurtures us and protects us like the love of our mother. We stand ready to defend her at all costs.

But what about Mother Earth? She provides us with food, shelter, clean water, clear air and beauty—the magic of Mother Nature is all around us. How have we stood by her, defended her, protected her?

Over the Memorial Day weekend I watched video footage of the Vietnam War. We dumped millions of tons of Agent Orange on Vietnam and cluster bombs in Laos—all in the name of freedom for the people of Southeast Asia of course. Even today, thirty years later, the land and its people are still suffering. The Red Cross says that now over one million citizens of these two countries are disabled. Let’s don’t even get into the two wars that we are now engaged in in the Middle East. Isn’t it in large part for our ability to get their cheap oil?

Now we have the multinational oil giant BP in our Gulf. What used to be beautiful sacred waters, one of the greatest and most important wild life habitats in the world, is now in jeopardy because of our need, our addition for oil energy at any cost—the explosion of one platform and here we are.

To add insult to injury BP is using untested amounts of dispersant that don’t allow the oil to come to the surface where it can be skimmed off. Now instead we have whole columns of water from the surface down to a depth of 5000 feet of oil and water mixed. How is this affecting all sea life? We don’t know. BP doesn’t know. There is now fear that this toxic mix is moving into the Caribbean and even the Atlantic.

Think about it, we have another 5,000 of these platforms in the Gulf water, and even with this monumental disaster people are still defending the absolute necessity of maintaining off shore drilling. Frankly we are all part of the problem. We need a sea change, a shift in our consciousness. Perhaps the moment has finally arrived where we are willing to face the fact that we can not slap Mother Nature in the face without severe consequences.

A clear voice in the corrective process is Chris Hedges. He is intense and right on the mark. I have included a link, in Green Facts below, to a talk that he gave in Seattle last year. Do take the time to listen to it.

In 2004 after over thirty years in the holistic industry we decided that it was important for us to launch a medicinal product line that focused on whole foods. It was only too clear that the mounting levels of pollution, pathogens, stress, poor life style and dietary choices were the leading causes for the pandemic of chronic illness aflicting the world. The question we asked ourselves was what collection of foods, consistently used in our diet, could protect and even reverse this chronic disease pattern? And, our answer has been the creation of the Therapeutic Foods Line. In the next few weeks we will be drilling down into these products and introduce you to some new ones that make up the Therapeutic Foods Platform.

Sincerely yours,

Seann Bardell

Clinical Note:

The Therapeutic Foods Platform

On the right we have two sets—on the far right the American Pedigreed Probiotic Collection (four items) and adjacent to them the Bulgarian Pedigreed Probiotic Collection (three items)—products that focus on the gastrointestinal tract. However, because these good bacteria are combined with the Therapeutic Foods you get the multidimensional medicinal effects of the foods for the gut and other systems of the body.

In the middle we have the Anti-oxidant Defense Group divided into two sets of two—on the right the Cruciferous Sprouts powder and capsules, and to their left the Wild Blueberry Daily and the Wild Blueberry Extract. Next week we will begin our detailed discussion with the Wild Blueberry because of its power to help the protection and even the regeneration of brain and nervous system function. And, I think we can all agree that there has never been a time in our memories where clear thinking is needed in the world.

To the left of the Blueberries are our patented mineral formulas—the Fructo Borate Complex and the Chromium Bioorganic with Beet. Key master minerals for healthy functioning of many of the body’s system.

And, last but definitely not least, we have our broad spectrum antimicrobial—Garlic, Organic, Freeze Dried. For the previous several Forward Thinking Newsletters we have focused on garlic and why specifically the garlic we are offering is so exceptionally potent.

Coming into the Therapeutic Foods Platform in the next few weeks is our new Organic Chlorella Product that we are very excited to be offering. More on that later.

The Last Quiz Answer: I don’t know if you can see it here exactly but the mother Canadian Goose has her left wing spread out over her babies protecting them, conforting them. This amazing picture is from the National Geographic 2009 Best Photo Collection.

Chris Hedges gives us a glass of cold water in our face to wake us up—Chris Hedges Talk at Seattle’s Town Hall. Tremendously articulate, he lays out a large part of our problem in this talk that is based on his new book—The Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy ad the Rise of the Spectacle.

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