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Is De-evolution Real?


Dear Friends,

We are witnessing what I term the de-evolution of our planet. The network of symbiotic relationships in nature are transforming as habitats are vanishing and ecosystems are collapsing. The higher life forms are struggling to survive with many moving towards the endangered list. As a zoologist, I have witnessed our rapidly changing world (air, land and sea) that no longer favors the evolution of higher forms of life such as mammals and Homo sapiens.

The underlying fabric of nature is tearing, a phenomena with huge ramification for human beings.
Both the cause and the solution lie in the hands of the earth’s dominant animal- humans must pay attention.

In the next few months I will begin to lay out the concept of the de-evolution of our planet. Our Forward Thinking Series will cover in depth this incredibly serious topic in order to open up the conversation and bring together many scientists, physicians and organizations working to reverse and heal the evolutionary process.

What life forms are in the process of reclaiming dominion over our oceans and land?

Yours truly,

Seann Bardell

P.S. Soon coming to the Bioimmersion site is the Publishing Blog. We would love to receive your articles and essays to publish in the Blog.

Join the conversation.

Clinical Note: Back to Basics

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