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How Would an Internal Feeling of Peace Manifest Externally?

I wish you a warm, joy filled holiday that is graced with love and peace. 

And speaking of Peace...

How does Peace feel internally? What does it mean to feel peace and have it as an integrated part of our being? 

For my PhD research in International Relations I built a Kantian normative peace model, but building a theory is very different than the establishment of peace within me, or the practice of feeling peace.

So I brought up the emotion of peace, and of course, it is magnificent. And then a question popped into my mind -  how would the state of internal peace manifest externally (as in behavior) when life's waters become choppy?

The holiday season is bringing a mixed bag of emotions for many people, me included. Some emotions are joy filled, and some, not so much at all. 

And then I ran into this article by Deepak Chopra: Reflecting on Peace During the Holidays.  

It is amazing how life brings information and events to us that match where we are at, where we are headed toward, and the type of journey we would love to experience.

That is what I call Grace. 

Sending you love, peace, joy, and deep appreciation. 

Keep sharing your light!




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