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Excellent Research on Blueberries and Cardio-Metabolitc BioMarkers

Daniela Martini (and her group of scientists) is a woman after my own heart - her research is thorough, high quality, and exacting, and the results are inspiring. 

Why is it important to be inspired by research about nutrition and health? Because science, at least good science, can lead us into much much better health. 

And we all need it in today's world. 

Martini et al. (2023) has just published a systemic review of blueberries and their effect on cardio-vascular health. She utilized 45 human intervention studies to determine what blueberries do to improve cardio-metabolic risk markers, inflammation, oxidative stress, and more. 

I decided to let you read the abstract (and of course provide you with the full article) so you can see for yourself the beautify of this global review. Enjoy!

Let me know what you think? 


Blueberries represent a rich source of (poly)phenols and other bioactive compounds. Numerous in vitro and animal model studies documented the potential health-promoting properties of blueberries and blueberry-bioactives, while little is still known about their effects in humans. The objective of the present systematic review is to provide main evidence and the potential mechanisms of action of blueberry and its (poly)phenols in the regulation of markers related to oxidative stress, inflammation, vascular and cardiometabolic function in health and disease states. A total of 45 human intervention studies were included in this review. Overall, the evidence suggests that blueberries may play a role in the improvement of markers of vascular function. Their effects were observed following both post-prandial and long-term consumption, particularly in subjects with risk factors and/or disease conditions. Conversely, the conflicting results on inflammation, oxidative stress and cardiometabolic risk markers were most likely due to differences among studies in terms of study design, subject characteristics, duration of intervention, dosage, and type of biomarkers analyzed. For these reasons, high-quality, well-designed, human intervention studies are warranted to strengthen the current findings on vascular function and provide more evidence about the impact of blueberries on the different markers considered. In addition, studies focusing on the relationship between the structure and the function of (poly)phenols will be fundamental for a better comprehension of the mechanisms behind the health effects observed. Article


  • Martini, D., Marino, M., Venturi, S., Tucci, M., Klimis-Zacas, D., Riso, P., ... & Del Bo, C. (2023). Blueberries and their bioactives in the modulation of oxidative stress, inflammation and cardio/vascular function markers: A systematic review of human intervention studies. The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, 111, 109154. Article


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