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DIET!? It’s important! Which one? For whom?

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DIET!?  It’s important!  Which one?  For whom?

Every patient comes in with their own unique dietary patterns.  This is obvious; and we all know in medicine, certainly within holistic medicine, that good eating habits are crucial to their health.  In 95% of the cases (my own stats here) adjustments in ones diet can result in better health outcomes.

So the big question is what diet, and for whom?  There are so many to choose from.  Do we go with the Westin Price Diet as espoused through Nourishing Traditions and the Westin Price Foundation (see the detail on their up-and-coming main conference this year entitled, Curing the Incurable:  Holistic Therapies for Chronic Disease); or, what about the antithesis to the foregoing, the raw foods only diet as preached by such authors as Bob McCauley ND in his book Achieving Great Health: 7 Components of Natural Health, and as espoused by such holistic MD luminaries as Gabriel Cousens (see Gabriel teaching from his Tree of Life Center).  Both powerful, thought provoking paradigms of practice.

What is the Bioimmersion vision regarding diet in the practice of food as medicine?

To answer this I might ask, what are the points of agreement in the two diets above? One is that they both absolutely believe in eating organic.  Secondly, they both believe in the critical importance for health of eating a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fresh vegetables can be the highlight of every meal … almost every vegetable that has been studied has been found to contain substances that benefit the heart and blood or counteract the formation of tumors. (Nourishing Tradition by Sally Fallon, pg 366).

The BioImmersion Therapeutic Food Line is all about eating a wide variety of organic fresh fruits and vegetables.  Allow me to make the use of the Therapeutic Foods Line very practical for you.  See the Clinical Notes below.

Bon appetit!

Sincerely yours,
Seann Bardell

Clinical Note:

One of the most difficult tasks to get patients to do is to truly change their diets.  Their dietary patterns are one of their most cherished joys in life, no matter how bad it is for their health.  We believe, at BioImmersion, as do the two diets above, that patients must bring into their bodies at each meal the life-giving phyto nutrients obtainable in fresh fruits and vegetables.

So, the question is how can we facilitates this with the typical American breakfast of toast, bacon, eggs and hash browns?

It’s easy!  Have your patient, 20 minutes before their meal, take 2 tablets of our Organic Chlorella, gulped down with a tablespoon of the Beta Glucan Synbiotic Formula (good bugs and fiber) mixed in water.  Of course you can use any of our seven synbiotic formulas.  They will all promote good digestion, and help protect the GI tract membrane from potential pathogens.  Diversity of good bugs in our gut is important.

Chlorella is the greenest of all green plants.  It has the highest level of chlorophyll to clean the blood, detox the body, help the liver.  It provides vitamins, minerals and all of the essential amino acids—the most amazing of superfoods.

With the meal take one capsule of Phyto Power (wild crafted blueberry, rosehip and dandelion).  You have a rainbow of colors, strongly representing the multitude of flavonoids, polyphenols, catechins, anthocyanins, carotenoids, organic acids and more.

Why not also add 1 capsule of Cruciferous Sprouts Complex (diakon radish, red radish kale, watercress, broccoli, mustard and cabbage sprouts).

Top it off with one capsules of the Ultra Minerals (all 72 of them).

Repeat this supplementation pattern with each meal throughout the day.  Also, it is ok to mix it up regarding your synbiotic choice for each meal.  Why not at lunch or dinner take a capsule of the Supernatant Synbiotic Formula.

Are you getting the vision?  You can powerfully transform any meal into something alive and nourishing with health giving nutrients to turn the body on.  It’s a doable start in the tranformative dietary journey that leads to the rebuilding of health in our bodies.

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