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Berries with Yogurt? Not According to Some Research

A nice breakfast of yogurt and berries or a desert of berries and cream sound so healthy, however, research has started to tell us otherwise.

According to a recent article by Dr. Gregor (2022), yogurt, milk or cream can actually block the great antioxidant effects of berries. The same goes with having milk in your tea.

Berries are important to our health. A large research with over 100,000 women found that those who consume just 6 strawberries and 11 blueberries a day had a significant reduction of blood pressure. In a different (double blind) research, a cup of blueberries was used each day to test the lowering of blood pressure in women with hypertension. Results showed a significant lowering of blood pressure for the group that ate one cup of blueberries.

But what happens when milk or yogurt are added? Due to the interaction of the anthocyanin in berries and milk protein, the benefits of the blueberries (or any berry) are inhibited. 

Read Greger's Article and enjoy your berries with alternative plant-based yogurt, milk, or cream.


Blueberry Extract 

Blueberry Extract 

 We suggest a daily dosage of one capsule, which is a cup and a quarter of blueberries. 


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