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Christmas: Let's Focus on Love

Many Families and friends around the world will gather to celebrate Christmas. This morning as I thought about spending time with my friends I realized that this holiday is truly about love. 

The original story of the birth of Christ is filled with mystery, tension, intrigue, and love. I find many biblical narratives to be perfect dramas that teach us, if we listen. 

This drama is about the birth of a baby, and we can all relate to the feelings of love and tenderness that babies evoke in us. 

We have a little time left from now to Christmas Eve to chart a new pathway, to shift our focus from the busy holiday shopping, eating, drinking, and rushing here and there - all fun and wonderful - to walk in the path of love

Phone, text, write, or visit people to let them know how much you love them. So simple and so powerful is the expression - "I love YOU." 

Let me take this moment and share with you how much I LOVE YOU - we have been together for almost two years since Seann passed, and my love for  you has increased with the passing time.

You amaze me, and you fill me with awe - your dedication and hard work, your commitment to others, and your steadfast friendship.  I am blessed having you in my life, and serving you through BioImmersion. 

Enjoy the holidays and know that you are loved. 

Yours as always, 



My Research: Peace

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Kant asked the question What is Enlightenment? (1784). His main point is that "The public use of one’s reason must always be free, and it alone can bring about enlightenment among mankind; Yet - the private use of reason may, however, often be very narrowly restricted, without otherwise hindering the progress of enlightenment."

What does this mean? How do we express our freedom of thinking and narrow it down at the same time - and when do we narrow it down? Good questions! Here is the beginning of Kant's answer: 

"Now in many affairs conducted in the interests of a community, a certain mechanism is required by means of which some of its members must conduct themselves in an entirely passive manner so that through an artificial unanimity the government may guide them toward public ends, or at least prevent them from destroying such ends. Here one certainly must not argue, instead one must obey. However, insofar as this part of the machine also regards himself as a member of the community as a whole, or even of the world community, and as a consequence addresses the public in the role of a scholar, in the proper sense of that term, he can most certainly argue, without thereby harming the affairs for which as a passive member he is partly responsible. Thus it would be disastrous if an officer on duty who was given a command by his superior were to question the appropriateness or utility of the order. He must obey."

We will continue to put this in context of 1784 intense rule of the king and church, and juxtapose 1784 with our timeline, where government, large corporation and the very wealthy rule our globe. And because we have more freedom, Kant's words illustrate our need now to be clearer than ever as to how to use such freedom. Moreover - is our freedom to express our views leads us toward enlightenment? 

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