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A Faster Skin Wound Healing

Wounds in a type of skin injury with a complex healing process. Often, healing is impaired due to certain diseases such as diabetes, infection, edema, and stress. 

A new book discusses the mechanics of using berries, or rather, the amazing antioxidant abilities of berries to actually heal wounds faster and better. 

And since this chapter is all about wound healing, the scientists go deep into different wounds such as diabetes foot ulceration or neuropathy and the medicinal role and therapeutic effects of berries.

 Berries and Berry Bioactive Compounds in Promoting Health, Prasad et al. evaluates berries for wound healing (2022, Chapter 13). 

And speaking of berries:  This research chapter is new to me, and the use of the High ORAC Synbiotic to heal wounds due to its extracts of powerful berries is truly exciting! 

In our last email we talked about berries to boost immunity, all around covid, and now we see that polyphenols are great for wound healing. It fits well in the larger puzzle of using foods therapeutically. 




  • Prasad, R. S., Laloo, D., Bharne, A. P., & Prasad, S. K. (2022). The Role of Berries as Potential Wound Healing Agents. Berries and Berry Bioactive Compounds in Promoting Health, 33, 366. Chapter 13

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